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There are many benefits of cooking food in cast iron vessels or pans and people in olden days too knew the benefits of iron and hence they preferred this cookware. Since it is a hard metal it won’t get ware out or get damaged easily, and this doesn’t happens with stainless steel, you cannot or Teflon pans. Teflon pans especially should be used with great care, as once you washed it with harsh metallic brush its surface would be completely damaged. When you compare the prices of cast iron pans with those of a heavy-bottomed stainless steel pan of almost the same size then you should know that, the stainless steel pan will cost you almost $100. Browse various cookware collection at http://www.ruthcreek.com/

Once the surface is damaged you can never use it again as the food particles tend to stick to the pan, and you won’t succeed in preparing the recepies. This is not the case with cast iron cook wares, after every washing, however you wash it by using which ever brush the surface of these pans becomes smoother. People found it very beneficial, as once the metal gets heated it can retain the heat for longer duration and in this way less fuel is consumed, because the food gets cooked very fast. This also contributes in saving the fuel and hence is economic, as people used fewer amounts of fuels in olden days. Another interesting fast about cast iron cook wares is that unlike any other cookware, cast iron improves with age. This is not the case especially with the Teflon coated non-stick pans. Using a metal spatula just once that too my mistake or accidently on these Teflon pans will ruin the thing, making it useless for next use.

These cast iron cookware has been used traditionally and this tradition have been passed on from great grandmother, grandmother, mother and finally to their daughters. This has solved the problem of iron deficiency in many of us. Because when you cook in these cook wares, they leach out iron instead of any other harmful chemicals in food, and hence we can include iron into our food. And summer surface gives a better platform to make seasoning recepies. And hence these pans won’t get damaged soon and are long lasting and. At http://www.ruthcreek.com/ you will get an awesome collection of cast iron cookwares.

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