Joshua Kruse is a singer/songwriter with an ever growing repertoire of songs. He is vocalist/guitarist for the South Jersey based rock band Stall Speed. Joshua has written over 500 songs and is here to share them with you, or at least the ones he thinks are worth sharing.

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  • Halloween
    Halloween This is a fun song to play. I did this with Dave Ruscitti and Chris Arter. We played it live and did it in one take. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
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  • Daily Feed (demo) I fill my head with thoughts that aren't mine- a steady need for a daily feed. An endless stream of social decline- with plans postponed for what's on your phone. My status is an open-ended- empty muse bound for abuse. Methodical, a profile blended- with the latest memes and bad poetry. Would you like this? Would you leave a comment so we could both agree on the same pointless point of view. Because we're all just searching for a deeper connection and any little way you can feel you relate to me, and I to you. For private matters, leave a message- I'll stay discreet no one will see. To make a friend would be a privilege- we'll expedite rock-show invites. Who you think I am is not who I really am. It's just a mocked up version of the type of person I wish I could be. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.
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  • Lucky Man (no vocals) I made this song on garageband, using no actual real instruments. Just me sitting there plugging pieces in. I'm halfway done writing the lyrics to the song, and when I am done, I'll upload a version with vocals. Musically, though, I find it to be a pretty little piece of music.
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