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I got about 150 songs Rap and Hip Hop I've made on my P/C. Trying to upload them now.

Jose.Nascimento`s Uploads

  • My story added part 3 Some stories about things I have owned in the Past things I have had as an item. Stories about how I got them.
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  • My story added part 2 Stories about things that have happened to a little part of my day a few weeks ago.
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  • My story added part 1 Added to my story. About when I was born and a little before than.
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  • My story told once more Stories that happened to me. Some parts I said about relationship it was like you can't be with the two ever in the same room and also that you couldn't also you can't have seen them on the same day. Stuff about Trees getting knocked down. There is things like I sang my parents awake for 8 months and 10 days. I had the idea to obey the Bible when it had said to SING YOUR direct family awake every morning. So from 6am to 9am every day I sang my Parents awake for 8 months and 10 days.
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  • Pequeno Musica Cristao sobre ser pequeno pra nao ser gigante.
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  • Pinch U-vila Song about some sort of hands that are part of a stars hands.
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  • Tough Place - Chill Island song Song I wrote. I thought about if some people say that cut horse hair is a bullet and instead of putting it in a black woman hair and head that its like a bullet to shoot at someone else. I was thinking if there is a slang words for that. So I thought about that after listening to the song a few times. This is a Christian song though. I was thinking about what the songs means to me a little bit. I thought of something like that after several times listening to it. The part about sticky trunkless mammoth I thought if its a very big sword inside a sheath that was used well against enemies that was against your own country.I thought when I was young to be ear to ear developed. Like listening with both ears till I feel that from one ear listening and using the other ear in listening have that those both and also one and the other till I would feel completely like I made a development.
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  • jn piano teclado Eu tocando piano keyboard, me playing piano keyboard. Eu mi ensinei.
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  • jn piano keyboard me playing some keyboard piano.
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