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I got about 150 songs Rap and Hip Hop I've made on my P/C. Trying to upload them now.

Jose.Nascimento`s Uploads

  • Tough Place - Chill Island song Song I wrote. I thought about if some people say that cut horse hair is a bullet and instead of putting it in a black woman hair and head that its like a bullet to shoot at someone else. I was thinking if there is a slang words for that. So I thought about that after listening to the song a few times. This is a Christian song though. I was thinking about what the songs means to me a little bit. I thought of something like that after several times listening to it. The part about sticky trunkless mammoth I thought if its a very big sword inside a sheath that was used well against enemies that was against your own country.I thought when I was young to be ear to ear developed. Like listening with both ears till I feel that from one ear listening and using the other ear in listening have that those both and also one and the other till I would feel completely like I made a development.
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  • jn piano teclado Eu tocando piano keyboard, me playing piano keyboard. Eu mi ensinei.
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  • jn piano keyboard me playing some keyboard piano.
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  • Jose Nas. piano keyboard playing Eu tocando teclado do piano.
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  • piano playing JOSE N. / Eu Jose tocando teclado piano Eu tocando teclado piano, Me playing keyboard piano.
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  • Trees Crown Gorwth Length means that the trees are crowns. Song about trees being a crown. Song about building buildings but they are like being very busy if your building one. A bit of humor. A bit of right things to sing for the beat.
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  • My 1st R&B song I was thinking what to call this song? I don't know yet. I was thinking about when stuff happens thats holy. If this song is saying sometimes God thinks one of his rings for him that hes bigger than we would be able to believe and about angels looking through walls. That sometimes God thinks his ring is there not standing like wheels on a running car but on its side and that they are miracles to believe in just like things like miracles. I thought about that if the song says that to myself.
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  • More Sun + song English 1+ Writing in Paragraph Form lyrics I tried a new strategy in the way I write music.
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  • Circuling head Second song I made with Roses beat I'll see what its about in a few write what I thought it was about down. (I was thinking about if I said somethings at sometime about something.) I'll find out. Something like drone plane being a minature stealth 2 bomber drone. This song is kind of like my private place being like rocks. Also it made me think of people if I named them at one point. Some parts of when I had been speaking was to rogarei o consolador. Like ever since I seen grasshopper The Helper people should of changed there fear of the Lord or fear. I thought of something like that. That from than on things where critically different and Thought if the church noted and acted different or if they were stubborn? This song writing it and speaking it made me feel like that even though I had before felt like that.
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  • Sword Bladeless Incomplete like hand deformed To me kind of about talking about shapes and weapons and simplicity. Something sort of like that. Kind of the kid part is like talking about shapes might get you to work out thinking of getting in shape. Those words. I was thinking of the Roman Soilder that got his ear cut off and Jesus healed his ear. On the first verse. The second verse is about David picking a rock to kill Goliath with. The last verse is about roses.
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