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    Cash Flow Call Welcome & Congratulations in qualifying to become an Independent Herbalife Distributor. The key to success is always keep it: Fun, Simple & Magical! There are 3 Skills to master: 1. Retail, 2. Recruit, & 3. Retention (KEEP 1&2) This is an AUDIO of a Retail Call we did tailored to NEW Distributors or those starting fresh. Take LOTS of notes, choose 3 Methods you want to use, and apply them within 48 hours of listening to this call. Some keys to Retail Success: 1. USE ALL (MINIMUM Ultimate Program) the Products & Get a product result as if you're life depends on it 2. KNOW what you want- select the volume points that will give you the Retail Income you're after, find out HOW many clients it will take to achieve that, then we have a set number we are chasing. 3. Understand it is a numbers game- you will get paid MILLIONS if you become persistent that if you get 3 Yes' out of 10 YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL 4. Need to have a set plan of what methods you are going to use to retail- but take a look at "Natural Herbalife": Do this with your sponsor HAVE FUN, REPLY TO PEOPLE WITHIN 24 HOURS, & GIVE FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE- But above else DO THIS WITH YOUR COACH Much Love & Success! Joana Guyonnet
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