02 Complex Climax
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Swimming 'round in her fluid, feeling nice and warm
Nine months of being bloated she releases her rainstorm
Freefalling to a new environment
Applauding this crying and moaning fragment
Exposing what it takes as full payment
Groveling and looked at like a vagrant

As it starts getting older,a new game wants to play
It formulates getting bolder to get him out the way
Punishing him as to not call him "sir"
Removing everything and his precious spur
Writing two notes, one filled with paternal slurs
Giving the other, here's what it says to her

"There's a child slowly dying, let it suckle off your teets
The nourishment of sweet desire makes it feel complete
Bathe that tumbling doll of flesh, wash it 'till it's clean
Still it knows it's very dirty and will never be pristine"

Bound it with perversion, a red thread of fate
No longer is there aversion to dual masterbate
Coercing all of its thick and tasty seed
Absorbing in all of its complexity
Frolicking bodies to which we will breed
Repairing a bond through the climax of our deed

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