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I took my 97' C280 in here to get it worked on after it was having some issues not starting, or dying at lights. It not starting and/or dying at lights, were my only issues - everything else worked perfectly. Alex, whom I assume is the owner/manager here, originally told me that they had a towing company they work with, and if I had it towed, if I decided to have it worked on by their shop, I wouldn't be charged for this. This was apparently a fabrication to get me in there. Originally, Alex told me my battery was bad. When I told him I'd just gotten a new battery two weeks ago, he did further testing, charged it, and called back and said it was okay. But said that the alternator was bad, when it was getting hot it was starting to fail somewhat - and this was causing my battery to drain slowly. He told me the only thing that was wrong with the car was the alternator and the battery tested fine after they charged it fully. He said a new Mercedes alternator was $750-900 or an aftermarket for $590-675, including installation. He said for the aftermarket alternator and install with towing(which I was oiginally told was free and was included), with tax would be $721. I called back for an update later and he said that he was now losing power from one side of the car to the other, I didn't have this problem when I took it in. He then called back and told me my crank sensor was bad, and this was actually what was causing my car to shut down. He told me originally it was the battery, then that it was the alternator, then that it was the crank sensor. He then called me and said the radiator, or a hose or "something", exploded, but he wasn't sure what it was yet. He then said once again that the battery was bad and it wasn't holding a charge, when this is not what he told me previously. He then called back later and said my radiator had exploded and was leaking, and this is where all of the fluid was coming from, and that this was where the leak was coming from, when I'd gotten a new radiator a few weeks before, and again telling me my battery was bad. So now I've had three things broken, that I didn't have any issue with or that I've recently had replaced, until it went to their shop. It seems to me, this shop is incomeptent, and "scammy" in that they break things that weren't broken and then try to charge you for them. I will also be uploading sound clips of my recorded calls to YouTube or something later and will link it/them here. Buyer beware - I'm getting ready to call the police though I doubt they can/will do anything, and will be needing to get an attorney over this most likely.

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