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Respect Music's own independent digital label supporting similar styles to that of Respect Music Radio such as Funk, Soul, Reggae, House, Jazz, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Garage, 2-Step, Dubstep or Trap, no matter the genre as long as it has Soul, Funk or Rhythm influencing its core we will support it!

Respect Music Records catalogue of current and up and coming releases and productions come courtesy of the following artists Rubber Johnson, All Good Funk Alliance, No Siesta, Slyde, Stalkz and Jacob Rohde, Jeremy Sylvester aka Socafrica, Nine Live The Cat, Phonic Funk, Opolopo, Amalia, Andrea Tenille, Reekay Garcia, Shazam Experience, Zeed Mantis, A Disco Ate My Baby, Creative Consciousness, Quest, Bobby Blunt, Mr Lee G, Deep Dreamer and DJ Katch of Resin Dogs with many more to come no doubt.

Current catalogue can be purchased via Beatport : www.beatport.com/label/respect-mu…rds/34655/tracks

James.Canning`s Uploads

  • Opolopo + Amalia - Keep It Cookin' (Rubber Johnson Remix)
    Opolopo + Amalia - Keep It Cookin' (Rubber Johnson Remix) Respect Music Records has done it again, but this time they have had the help of one of the industries future funk leaders and heavyweights, Opolopo. This man needs little introduction as his works can be found everywhere online from doing amazing original productions, remixes and bootlegs for the likes of Stevie Wonder, The Sunburst Band, Joey Negro, Defected, Tokyo Dawn Records and many more. So as you would expect with Opolopo behind the mixing desks and keys, he offers us up nothing less of an 80’s drenched electronic funk stomper to get down too. In addition to having the amazing talent of Opolopo on board for this release, Respect Music Records were also fortunate enough to get the very dynamic and energetic Amalia with her trademark P-Funk inspired vocals. Amalia also needs little introduction, being she too is a leader in the future funk world and shows it by owning this groove with her chorus line hook, thus giving this track its title “Keep it Cookin’”. B-Boys, B-Girls and all funk music lovers alike will get down to the Original Future Funk Mix for sure! Now not only is there an extended mix, instrumental mix and acapella of the original version of “Keep it Cookin’” but we are spoilt with some remixes by the likes of Rubber Johnson, CC aka Crazy Corner Productions and Haydos. All offering something a little different and catering to very different niche markets. Firstly the funky club remix offered up by Rubber Johnson delivers something a little different from their usual electronic funk styles. This time they deliver a more house style number, reminiscent of early Basement Jaxx. It is without a doubt still funky, as would be expected, but just a bit more four to the floor. This will no doubt be one for the midnight hour dance floors. Secondly out of the UK we have the Crazy Corner Productions crew throwing down the CC Disco Funk Remix, which is a synth bass driven disco funk groover, for which the guys are getting quite a reputation for. Most of the RM Records fans will be familiar with their remix of Date Night’s latest release ‘Neon Lights’ which received amazing reviews worldwide. There is little doubt that this remix will deliver similar responses, as CC have truly nailed the funk down on this remix! Now for those that like their instrumental mixes the CC crew have also thrown in an Instrumental Mix to boot. These mixes will be perfect for any sexy lounge gigs that are building a dance floor vibe and will get people definitely in the mood for ……. dancing, among other things. Thirdly there is a new comer to the RM Records ranks by the name of Haydos, who delivers something a little different for the release, with him delving into the unique sounds of glitch funk and jazz. This will definitely be a track for the grittier of dance floors and for those that like a darker, moodier Breaks even Hip Hop edge to their music, similar to the sounds of Opiuo. Be sure to watch this space, as RM Records have a Glitch Funk Stomper scheduled for release in the coming months by this talented artist. So once again the team at Respect Music Records have dropped another funk fueled release with a diversity of mixes to suit a wide range of dance floors and ears. Bringing’ The Funk, Soul & Rhythm Every Time! Respect Music Records www.respectmusicrecords.com www.facebook.com/RespectMusicRecords www.twitter.com/RMRecords_ Rubber Johnson: www.rubberjohnson.com www.facebook.com/rubberjohnson Opolopo: www.facebook.com/opoloposweden www.opolopo.com @opolopo Amalia: www.facebook.com/mizfuzemuze @mizfuze
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  • Date Night - Neon Lights Feat. Cam Nacson (Radio Edit)
    Date Night - Neon Lights Feat. Cam Nacson (Radio Edit) Date Night is comprised of 3 super talented artists, DJ/Producer Mike Dean the driving force and man with his fingers on the pulse of the industry, Engineer/Producer Anders David the man with the ear and skills behind the desk and the man who needs little introduction to RM fans, Sharif D the Musician/Producer/Performer. As one can imagine with a lineup like this, Date Night is a definite industry mover and shaker and one to keep an eye/ear out for. Now whilst thus far their sounds have been heavily influenced by House, this time they are taking the listener on a journey into the Drum & Bass genre, featuring the amazing vocals of Cam Nacson who basically makes a call to the youth to grasp life tightly and make the most of things no matter what! To top this track off it also has the trademark sound of Sharif D on the sax, which is the cherry on top of this melodic number, creating a sexy lounge style similar to that of DJ Marky and XRS’s works. To give this release even further weight, it has been garnished with 4 very diverse and tasty remixes. Firstly there is the “CC Disco Groove Remix” offering a shout to the late 70’s Disco era and late 90’s house scene, provided courtesy of Wade Teo and Brad France of Crazy Corner Productions. This remix is definitely the one for all the lounge bars worldwide to nod to. Secondly there is a remix by the very talented and funky Mark Maxwell offering up a style that he is without a doubt making his own, giving the track a tasteful merging of genres such as Deep House, Tropical House and Nu Disco, creating the perfect vibe for pool parties worldwide from the WMC in Miami all the way over to Ibiza. Thirdly back again after dropping a glitch hop remix for Sharif D's debut with the label, Cutloose is back to take Neon Lights on a Chill Step / Nu Wave Hip Hop journey with a spacious remix reminiscent of productions by Pomo, Snakehips and Darius. Then to wrap the package up, a club banger for all the late night dance floors and festivals has been offered up by a new act signed to the Respect Music Records label by the name of The Rhythm Method. Once again the genre lines are very much blurred here, with this track being a shout to the old with a twist of the new. Lets just say that if The Prodigy and Tchami gave birth to a love child in the middle of a UK Garage Club dance floor in the late 90’s where you would find the likes of Artful Dodger and Zed Bias spinning vinyl on the regular, The Rhythm Method would be that child. So in all a very complete and diverse release yet again from Respect Music Records who are definitely “Bringing’ The Funk, Soul & Rhythm” on this joint! Respect Music Records www.respectmusicrecords www.facebook.com/RespectMusicRecords @respectmusicrecords Date Night: www.facebook.com/datenightmusic datenightofficial.com/ AVAILABLE VIA: SPOTIFY - open.spotify.com/album/3vueTy9D67aHa28VPZFYpi BEATPORT - pro.beatport.com/release/neon-lights/1718482 TRAXSOURCE - www.traxsource.com/title/583029/neon-lights
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  • We Gotta Get Up! (They Gotta Stand Down!)
    We Gotta Get Up! (They Gotta Stand Down!) Creative Consciousness is one of the many aliases of Respect Music Records owner James Canning. This particular alias was created as a means of aligning with like minded artists from all over the world to share their views on the struggle of the average human, battling against the western corporate monopoly and how opportunities of freedom and sustainability could be just around the corner, should people choose to stand up for the rights of themselves and others. Each collaboration is produced and co written by “Creative Consciousness” whom takes on the musical influences of the culture and country which he is collaborating with, whilst allowing the indigenous artists of this region to share their views on such topics in their own native tongue. To make things even sweeter and to put their money where their mouth is, it was only right that Respect Music Records donate all profits from this project to an educational non for profit organisation as a means of aiding the world from the grips of consumerism and greed and back to the nurturing arms of life and productivity. “We Gotta Get Up! (They Gotta Stand Down!) is the debut release for Creative Consciousness and he thought it only right to start the collaborative journey at the epicentre of corporate greed and western infrastructure, the USA. To add to this symbolic release even furthermore the track will hit Spotify on February 20th which is actually International Social Justice Day. The track was composed by Creative Consciousness and had some amazing session work laid down by Guitarist Brad Weynton, whilst on keys tying it all together and offering that finishing sparkle, renowned international Keyboardist/Producer Simon Grey. The composition is undoubtedly inspired by the Funk, Soul and Rhythm & Blues influences of the USA, resonating similar sounds to that of Raphael Saadiq, giving the track a very palatable and accessible vibe for the mainstream but at the same time delivering a message of great importance, which is sometimes missed in this popular arena. As a part of this collaboration Creative Consciousness sourced a diversity of artists that had similar views on sharing the truth with the masses. First up to bat is Chicago raised MC J.Noize, who introduces the track and the other collaborating artists, whilst giving the listener a detailed insight into corporate greed and its effects, whilst also offering a call to the people to be strong, unite and live by example for the children of tomorrow. The second collaborator is the accomplished and forever giving Brooklyn based Reggae Vocalist and MC, Mr Lee Gee known for his work with Masta Ace and many others over the years. Mr Lee Gee provides the chorus chant, or call to action if you will, for this revolutionary track, as well as some very smooth backing vocals, again drilling home that freedom is far more rewarding then money. Last but not least, yet another Chicago based artist by the name of Quest, with her soulful vocals offering color and harmonies to the backing vocals of the chorus line and then to climax the track she shares one of her greatest gifts, some spoken word poetry which sums up the track in its entirety. To quote Creative Consciousness “When I heard this, it gave me goosebumps, her words are so emotional and true”. As a result Respect Music Records have left it here below for all the readers to really grasp the whole idea of this collaborative project which is “Creative Consciousness” A statement and call to all who wish for a better tomorrow! Much respect to all whom have been involved in nurturing this ethical masterpiece. Bringin’ The Funk Soul & Rhythm Every Time! AVAILABLE VIA: Spotify - open.spotify.com/album/2yGhuq45nAQXOq4KmLuf7a Beatport - pro.beatport.com/release/we-gotta…-down%21/1707704 Traxsource - www.traxsource.com/title/579709/we…otta-stand-down
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  • Sharif D + Black Cherry - If I Was Yours (Single Sampler)
    Sharif D + Black Cherry - If I Was Yours (Single Sampler) After the success of Sharif D’s “Hearts & Hormones” on RMR earlier in the year, we are excited to announce yet another sexy house number by this super talented Producer/Performer. This time however, we find Sharif collaborating with an emerging act by the name of Black Cherry to deliver this Soulful Tropical House number just in time for the Southern Hemispheres Summer Season, titled “If I Was Yours”. Black Cherry bring a dash of their Vocal Soul, Disco and R’n’B influences to the flawless house vibes that Sharif has laid down. This package not only comes loaded with Radio Edit, Extended Club Mix, Extended Club Instrumental and Acapella + Hats DJ Tool. It also has 4 amazing remixes catering to completely different niches within the music scene. Firstly we have an ultra chilled remix by Sharif D perfect for any Cafe Del Mar style setting. Secondly we have a musical Nu Disco vibe courtesy of Mark Maxwell, who has created the perfect soundtrack for cat walks and pool parties worldwide. Thirdly we have the Phonatics offering a throbbing House vibe perfect for your underground club vibes and dance floors. Whilst last but not least we have the bass heavy Garage vibes of Rouge, delivering a stomping remix guaranteed to turn out festivals or big room clubs alike. Bringin’ The Funk, Soul & Rhythm Every Time! Respect Music Records www.respectmusicrecords.com Follow Sharif D: @sharifd_00 www.facebook.com/sharif.darmansjah Follow Black Cherry: www.facebook.com/therealblackcherry Available via: pro.beatport.com/release/if-i-was-yours/1666407 www.traxsource.com/title/553175/if-i-was-yours play.spotify.com/album/5WnDxiJObt…Bgxh4AtAAW6m2RvJ
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  • Rubber Johnson - U Can't Stop The Rubber Rocket! (Remix 2)
    Rubber Johnson - U Can't Stop The Rubber Rocket! (Remix 2) Since the original "U Can't Stop The Rubber Rocket" single dropped, RJ have been busy saving the world from all sorts of no fun havin', regulation makin', creativity crushing, soul destroying Muthasuckas! Now although that doesn't leave time for much else, they have also managed to get in some studio time to do some tasty collab and remix work with their friends over in the US, Fort Knox Recordings (R.I.P Jon Horvath) and All Good Funk Alliance, as well as a few remixes for Respect Music Records artists Stalkz and Jacob Rohde and Opolopo and Amalia (Coming Soon). In addition to this, the word is that RJ have been hard at work getting their own original works release schedule for Respect Music Records in order, which we are very excited about! Now rather then have you wait in despair for these to drop, we have actually been granted the opportunity to share with you, the world exclusive of the first Rubber Johnson animation and digital comic for their single "U Can't Stop The Rubber Rocket!". Which can only be described as some sort of crazy love child cartoon between Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang and The Jetsons. FULL ANIMATED CLIP LINK: youtu.be/1DAGmjznREA DIGITAL COMIC LINK: www.yousendit.com/download/bXBZZHlzckllcEs5TE1UQw Also to boot we have managed to get you a new line up of talented remixers such as Musol, Jimi Needles, Axis (Tom Drummond and Michael Justice), Zamali featuring Mario Coppola and Ad'N'Kuts to give the release a 2015 make over! In all giving us a great selection of sounds to get down too. Ranging from Donner Summers and Giorgio Moroder influenced Disco through to Hands in the air Drum and Bass and Party Funk Breaks! We truly hope you vibe on this as an appetiser of what is to come from Rubber Johnson in the very near future. Bringin' The Funk, Soul & Rhythm Every Time! Available via: Beatport - pro.beatport.com/release/u-cant-s…ackage-2/1633099 Traxsource - www.traxsource.com/title/533341/u-…remix-package-2 Spotify - play.spotify.com/album/2cgJ9G8vHyTepoFp4QZM6w
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  • The Shazam Experience - Sombrero (Single Sampler)
    The Shazam Experience - Sombrero (Single Sampler) The Shazam Experience are the latest addition to the Respect Music Records Family with the release of their new single "Sombrero". Their style of music is quite diverse covering Nu Disco and House music in all its forms (Soulful, Latino, Funky, Deep, Tribal, Progressive & Tech House). The live act has rocked dance floors across the globe with their unique funk filled shows, including performing live for MTV Europe and headlining internationally renowned Mediterranean dance festival Summer Dance (which over the years has graced the likes of Junior Jack, Kid Creme, Darren Emerson and Gabriel & Dresden, to name a few). "Sombrero" is a Latin inspired Soulful House track and it is definitely one of the highlights off Shazam's most recent album release. With its serenading flamenco melodies and soulful vocals "Sombrero" sets the perfect soundtrack for a Caribbean Summer adventure. Definitely a track that will be a popular addition to any House DJ's pool side sessions. Sombrero has a bit of something for everyone, as in addition to the Radio Edit, Extended Mix and Acapella DJ Tool, we also have added two very different remixes. Firstly coming from Toronto, Ontario we have DJ/Producer Frankie Shakes, delivering with his remix, an upbeat tribute to the classic sounds of house with a full vocal remix as well as a remix Instrumental for those that dig the musical journey. Secondly we have yet another fellow Canadian DJ/Producer Faiith, whom should be familiar to all the Respect Music Records fans after dropping his debut the "For Real EP" with us just last month. Faiith opted to add some diversity to the Sombrero release with a darker moodier remix for those late night sets in place of the more tropical sound he is also known for. We hope that one, if not all of the mixes gets you moving also and we look forward to getting you more great sounds from around the world shortly. Bringin' The Funk, Soul & Rhythm Every Time! Respect Music Records www.respectmusicrecords.com @respectmusicrecords The Shazam Experience: www.facebook.com/theshazamexperience @theshazamexperience Available via: Beatport - pro.beatport.com/release/sombrero/1590864 Traxsource - www.traxsource.com/title/509895/sombrero Spotify - play.spotify.com/album/6LFSEeFI3rJhMipUU25HYn
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  • Faiith - For Real EP (Sampler)
    Faiith - For Real EP (Sampler) Respect Music Records would like to introduce you to our newest recruit. Hailing all the way from the northern depths of Canada, we have the remarkably talented Dj/ Producer FAIITH. Faiith has carved out his own path in the international Electronic Music scene. His signature sound is deeply rooted in the use of strong vocal melodies with a flare for atmospheric soundscapes and organic instrumentation. Throughout his journey FAIITH has delved into alot of tempos but House has proven to be the main stay and his weapon of choice. Mixing elements of Tropical House with tinges of the moodier side of R&B. To this day FAIITH continues to develop a sound that is uniquely his own. FAIITH'S "FOR REAL EP" gives us some truly uplifting Summer vibes, just in time for the Northern Hemispheres Festival Season. No doubt these 3 tracks will be in high rotation throughout all the tropical summer beach parties & pool side sessions! We hope you dig the sounds as much as we have! Bringin' The Funk, Soul & Rhythm Every Time! Respect Music Records www.respectmusicrecords.com www.facebook.com/RespectMusicRecords Faiith: www.facebook.com/faiithmusic @faiithmusic Available via: Beatport - pro.beatport.com/release/for-real-ep/1553298 Traxsource - www.traxsource.com/title/486916/for-real-ep Spotify - play.spotify.com/album/4JifqD5Euxzfolu0Brymos
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  • Sharif D - Hearts & Hormones (Single Sampler)
    Sharif D - Hearts & Hormones (Single Sampler) Respect Music Records would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our latest Label mate the very talented Sharif D. Sharif is a multi instrumentalist and producer based in Brisbane Australia. His sounds resonate with influences of disco, funk, soul and lounge and we are very excited to have him onboard. His first release with Respect Music Records goes by the title of "Hearts & Hormones" and is a slow burning deep house groove sprinkled with his trademark Sax sounds which lead the track to its climax. This release is accompanied by a string of diverse remixes by the likes of Teddy Black, Sean Murray, De La Roche and Cutloose, all of which open the release into different niche markets. Firstly we have a deeper disco lounge vibe offered by Sean Murray followed by an uplifting Disco House feel courtesy of De La Roche. Teddy Black brings that Big Room Garage sound he is becoming known for, whilst Cutloose drops a bomb with his remix which breaks down the door into the realm of Glitch Hop and Breaks. Then to top off the release, Sharif has offered us a nice chill out track titled "Old Boots" which is reminiscent of some of Groove Armada's earlier material, making RMR004 a very well rounded release with a bit of something for everyone. Respect Music Records have been given a sneak peak of what is to come in the future from Sharif D and are very excited to be a part of this amazing artist's musical journey. Respect Music would also like to send a shout to DJ Freestyle aka Colin Russell for his amazing work on the Mastering of all the mixes of "Hearts & Hormones" and Cutloose for his Mastering skills on "Old Boots"! Bringin' The Funk, Soul & Rhythm Every Time! Respect Music Records www.respectmusicrecords.com www.facebook.com/RespectMusicRecords Available via: Beatport - pro.beatport.com/release/hearts-a…hormones/1478887 Traxsource - www.traxsource.com/title/441767/he…ts-and-hormones Spotify - play.spotify.com/album/0nRnUHIbkF8xVl6aNcURIm
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  • Stalkz featuring Jacob Rohde - Brave New World (Sampler)
    Stalkz featuring Jacob Rohde - Brave New World (Sampler) Stalkz is undoubtedly one of the Australia's most talented emerging young hip-hop artists. 2012 saw him carve his way through the live circuits supporting International and interstate acts such as DJ Krush, Cut Chemist, Class A, GDP, Fort Kilsby, 2Dogs (Resin Dogs), DefWishCast and Kerser. Then in 2013 Stalkz returned with his debut single "Brave New World"off the coming EP "We Never Left" The single "Brave New World" captured in detail the many varying aspects of desperation and indulgence. It's an honest and direct account leading you through the deep lows and great heights of extravagance, and it's toll on the human condition. The song is set on the Gold Coast and its narrative is raw, gritty and most importantly, true. It deals with themes of culture, politics, addiction and truth in a uniquely poetic format. It's mellow instrumental was assembled by U.S super producer "Vherbal", well known for his work with artists such as Vinnie Paz, Canibus, R.A Rugged Man & Sean Price. Singer/song writer "Jacob Rohde" adds his distinct vocals to the songs catchy hook, collectively creating an unforgettable piece of music. As a part of the single release there is also a couple of remixes available to tend to the varying appetites of listeners, one of which is of the Jazzier Hip Hop vibe and has been produced by yet another very talented new addition to the Australian music scene "Zeed Mantis". Then we have a funk lounge mix, thrown down by the Respect Music Records resident funk outfit "Rubber Johnson" giving a whole new vibe to the track inclusive of Instrumental, No Rap and Acapella mixes for the DJ's that like to mash things up! Lastly the single is accompanied by a powerful, dirty and thought provoking film clip, which takes the viewer on a journey from the vandalized streets of an abandoned neighborhood to the affluent business precincts of the city. Reminding the viewer to look deeper than the surface, because often, looks can be deceiving. Check the link: youtu.be/4OWkYBqKef4 On behalf of the RMR Team, we do hope you enjoy our third release as much as the last. Bringin' The Funk, Soul & Rhythm Every Time! Respect Music Records www.respectmusicrecords.com @respectmusicrecords Stalkz: www.facebook.com/stalkzmc @stalkzhiphop Jacob Rohde: www.facebook.com/Jacob-Rohde-123156661097961 @jacob-rohde Available via: Beatport - pro.beatport.com/release/brave-new-world/1516868 Spotify - play.spotify.com/album/1ynLu3lNzhxmweT7cgebTq
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  • Rubber Johnson - U Can't Stop The Rubber Rocket! (Sampler)
    Rubber Johnson - U Can't Stop The Rubber Rocket! (Sampler) Rubber Johnson is a group of individuals that have come back from the future to save the people of planet Earth from being totally and utterly deprived of Fun, Creativity and Life. RJ and their crew mascot "The Rubber Rocket" do this by battling the mediocrity that is enforced by the evil ways of Professor BuzzKill and The M.A.N (Ministry of Amusement Nullification) and do so by bitch slapping their asses with their bad ass funk and freeing the masses from their oppressors. This debut solo release by Rubber Johnson is a tribute to their crew mascot, titled "U Can't Stop The Rubber Rocket" This track is guaranteed to snap sleepers out of their hibernation and get bodies all over the world wet with excitement! First off the bat we have the Original Ass Shaker mix which is a dive into the late 70's disco funk era with a splash of future funk, inclusive of Instrumental and acapella. To add to the release we then have invited our US based funk brothers in arms, All Good Funk Alliance to share their vibes with us. As a result they have dropped a 4 to the floor nu disco stomper inclusive of an instrumental mix. We then have yet another heavyweight producer on remix duties courtesy of Fingerlickin' Records with Slyde dropping an absolute club banger. Then for the house heads out there, we have managed to get the likes of Dutch House producer Phonic Funk and Sydney based producer Reekay Garcia to offer up two very different house remixes. Phonic's Slap It Hard Remix offers us a throbbing deeper tech vibe whilst Reekay's an Afro House shuffle. We hope you all enjoy the first installment into the world of Rubber Johnson, Keep That Funk Alive Y'all and thanks for your support. Bringin' The Funk, Soul & Rhythm Every Time! Respect Music Records www.respectmusicrecords.com @respectmusicrecords Rubber Johnson: www.rubberjohnson.com www.facebook.com/rubberjohnson Available via: Beatport - pro.beatport.com/release/u-cant-s…ocket%21/1576739 Traxsource - www.traxsource.com/title/533341/u-…remix-package-2 Spotify - play.spotify.com/album/6pmNRjEgFi9bYPCh3In651
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