JnJ Talk Show - Worlds Greatest Juicebox (Episode 30)
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Synopsis - Jer, Jim, and Gunnar tackle the 30th episode together. Beyond random cackles in the background, the boys give a mild tribute to the late Robin Williams. Gunnar and Jim are highly upset over War Machine beating their favorite porn-star. They proceed to rip into him and get into the story of what happened, and what should be done. He couldn't get it up; steroids are good for something. She didn't deserve it, slut-shamers.

Gunnar is the master of random statistics and historical facts. Stupid bumper stickers. How your environment dictates your future and thoughts. Slightly touching on the city of Furgeson. Oh noes! LOUISVILLE PURGE! 4-Chan trolls the state of KY.

A vast knowledge of smegma. Ice buckets stop ALS? Let's waste water instead of just simply donating.That hip new disease called Ebola. The boys will chain-smoke themselves to death, Jer tries to be the voice of reason for them. Gunnar's strange masturbation technique as a boy. Random sexual stories about weird situations and sperm hiding. Urban dictionary describes the boys by name. Discussion of shock videos, felching, and juice-boxing. Gunnar proceeds to throw up in his mouth at the idea. Joe Pesci invades and attacks.

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