11-9-13 KRXA Judy Dragon
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KRXA-Suzie Donahue-special guest Judy Dragon on 'Moving Beyond Abuse'

11-9-13 KRXA Judy Dragon

This workbook is a compilation of almost twenty-five years of working professionally with people who have been physically and sexually abused as children. They have taught me about the courage and the resiliency of the human body and spirit through the darkest of the dark. Our souls learn and/or bring forth healing to ourselves and to others in some dramatic ways. Healing from trauma is not only completely possible, but a true reality through Creator-of-All. You might not find this statement in conventional psychological textbooks, but I know it to be true. It is my own personal experience and in witnessing with others.

For several years now, friends in the ThetaHealing® community have asked me to write down how I work with my clients who have been abused. I kept saying that it's too much to empty my brain with all that I've experienced in this field. I didn't have time because I was writing two other books, teaching workshops, working privately with clients, and dancing on a salsa team. I wanted to make sure there was a time to sleep.

After teaching an Advance workshop in June '09, as so much abuse memories had surfaced for the participants, I decided to give the class some quick ways to be present and work with other students. When the class was over, those who were interested could stay and take notes. It was only a half of a page.

Afterwards, I decided to type what I had jotted down and out came this flowing stream of information. For most part of July, I stayed up to 3 AM writing to my heart's content. It was so peaceful and relaxing to just let this information and inspiration finally take form. My shoulders didn't even get tight from being at the computer for hours. I just felt so blessed that my fingers can type fast and that I have a Capricornian organizational mind because the end result truly surprised me. Writing, for me, is like digging on beliefs...you don't know where it's all going to go, but you somehow trust you're guided, and there is a completion that will make a shift in consciousness whether it be mine or someone else's.

I want to thank Creator-of-All for the inspiration and healing IT continues to make available to me. To Vianna for giving me a most precious gift, in taking me "up" to remember my connection to Creator-of-All and teaching me ThetaHealing®. To Sidnee Cox, Eric Brumett, and Beth Rachel for their loving support and listening ears. And to all my clients whose courage and amazing strength to heal continue to inspire me--my deepest gratitude for sharing the depth of your lives with me.

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