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  • SHINee  Why So Serious
    SHINee Why So Serious At dawn right after midnight Something in the mud opened its eyes Everyone was scared of me My arms stretched out forward I’m the living walking dead My breath was cold When breathing became boring That’s when I found you, so shocked Why so serious? Romeo and Juliet It’s not a, ah, sad love story Everything will be alright You’re a love story maniac Who knows about the “inevitable happy ending”
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  • SHINee View
    SHINee View 모두 할 말을 잃지 Like you 4차원 이상의 기적의 View 달콤히 찍어 문 빛의 퐁듀 보이기 시작한 음의 색도 Everyone is lost for words like you Beyond fourth dimensional, a miraculous view Sweetly dip it in and eat the fondue of light You can start seeing the color of the music
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