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  • Saving The Ummah-Sheikh Fawzan A beautiful naseehah by Sheikh Salih Fawzan on how to save the Ummah.
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  • Sheikh Jabiree Q&A about SPUBS
    Sheikh Jabiree Q&A about SPUBS The attached recording with Shaykh 'Ubayd al-Jaabiree took place on 15th June 2006. The Noble Shaykh was asked by the Salafees from Toronto, Canada (TROID) regarding: The cooperation that should exist between the Salafees and Maktabah Salafiyyah (Salafi Publications) and regarding the claim that they are "Ghullaat (Extremists)"?
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  • Sheikh Jaabiree Defends SPUBS
    Sheikh Jaabiree Defends SPUBS The noble Scholar, the 'Aalim, 'Ubaid al-Jaabiree (may Allaah reward him with good) mentions some important and beautiful points of benefit regarding the harm that is inflicted upon the callers to the truth - that one should remain steadfast and patient. The Shaikh (may Allaah protect him) also mentions that the Scholars have known Salafi Publications for many years for their good efforts and their connection to the 'ulemah. He states that he is acquainted with the attacks made upon al-Maktbah as-Salafiyyah in Birmingham by those filled with hatred and enmity, and he advises the people not to pay any attention to that.
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