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  • elo hell audio for a video im making about elo hell play horror music* Oh hello, what brings you to this dark decrepid place where all hope is lost, and all dreams.... die. Have the odds, been unfavorable, or have you lost a bet and forced to undergo this descent into.. madness? its been a long time since Ive had company.. I hope, you can stay for awhile... no use trying to escape.. after all, youre not the first to come here, in fact, there shall be many more who'll join you soon. youre not the first to try to escape. few have, and find themselves tormented by the horrors theyve endured here. and well, most return, most have been corrupted by this cesspool... I am one of them. but for those that escape and never return, they are haunted by nightmares of their time here. They find peace, but they know at any moment they can return. Some find solace here, and bring others down with them to fill their former shells. through, encantations and curses, sometimes, they will corrupt you through sheer force. no one wants to be here, but they will accept this as their new home. where am i? hahahahahaha, you reallydont know how you got here? this is elo hell! NO, HOW? when? Why? how? Do you not remember? Well.. let me retell your tale. transition
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