My Reflection on Horrible Experiences I had survived
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I know my ex husband and it's associates, will never find pardon anywhere under the heavens, as he never once look me in the eye and apologized once, and those associating with him, despite some of them having their own children, and careers, and families, they feel a billion percent totally inferior to me? and to show me that? pretending my two children' don't have a mum, is all they do so far, as if asking God, to strike them down, or remove their own children, to enable them parent mine? When I had already finished raising my own two children, with God's help,

Evil women dates, my ex and hurts me direct, even when I can't identify the she goat, that brings in it's family, to hurt me even when i can't identify any of them, and their seasons as usual, hurts my children, socially, economically, and relationship with me, whilst nastiest goes on vacation with my children and my ex? and they return to the dirtiest system on earth, damaging, and affecting my income per career, to stop me competing as equal, in the very same society, where I was born in England, living in London, had exposed me to some of the vilest most cursed people in races, creed, ages and genders.

One thing is divorcing your hell on earth, and the other is quite attack of a vermin a billion percent, worst than you, will ever be in your life, trying to replace you in his life, which is none of your business, but using their cursed era? to hurt you and your children, with such bitterness and cruelty, it makes you wonder, how come his dates are never human beings? but rejects from the veterinary? insane animals that has no, human feelings.

No one goes into a guy's life to destroy his ex wife, that had legally divorced him 25yrs ago? and had not been living within the same house or address with him? for over 25yrs? but constantly attacked by she devil woman of the sad moment, sees her as a threat to it's horrible self and still can't live their own lives with him, without going out of their cursed ways, to hurt Helen? Who don't even know the she devil in his life, or she devil trying to pretend her children got no mum? just because Helen is not interest in war, ugliness, may hem, chaos and busy, despite all embargoes against her?

Helen is busy trying to rebuild her life, even as both her children are not over 25's, her foes involved with her ex husband are still as deadly, disrespectfully hurtful to her, her career, per income, her name and reputation, her well being, their endless vendetta, hurting her through the dentist, the gp, even as she is hardly ever ill, and sees her gp not up to three visits in an average year?

Still the vendetta, against Helen's life, remains from her ex husband's quarters and she goats, a she evil dating him.

Ironically it's not the first time, in all the 25yrs of her divorce? not once was she ever introduced or met any of her ex husband's date, and they are always inhumane satanists, the seeks her out to go hurt, her?

By abusing the system and using all sorts of cursed ways to hurt her, and her children direct!

it's no wonder, a bad guy she divorced ,only ever dates, she goats, witches, she devils, satanist, cursed members of society, that has no peace, in their miserable lives at all!

Don't you wonder, who you had never met, hurting you cause they sleeping and waking with your ex husband, you legally divorced 25yrs, ago? A guy that pays you no dues, never apologized to you, once not once for endless hate crimes he commits against, you?

And the satanist in it's life still feels and sees you as a threat????

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