Friday 11th January 2013 News
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This news is shared from local news and music in the back ground and then is my emotional pain shared at length, cause the nuts in my case 28yrs on, had bitterly intensified their nasty legionnaire decease attack again,

Am shocked witless the type of wisdom my daughter is growing with is to replicate her father completely and treat me as if am not the woman that lost twenty years raising her and brother through the worst racists and fascists low lives attack, locally nationally and internationally I cannot believe what my two children are being used to do to me,

And you think using my brother that way was bad, wait till you see how less and less i see my children over the last ten years to date that peer groups, pressure groups and my ex husband house seemed to be the only where they relate and am supposed to find that acceptable or be driven insane as done to women who argued with evil guys.

How many divorced women had they done in and silenced for life, for not being part of the evil cult against my life 28yrs on, when i asked my son, he is busy but drops in sometimes, but my daughter do not even know the value of going to see your mum since New Year now that you in town am shocked with witless i know my ex husband value not his late mother or any woman that had children, they are all to be used and destroyed, patronized to insanity, but if anyone ever tells me this will be done to me from 1994 to present day,.

I would had argued and said he is insane and so are his supporters but no they know i raised those children they will not stoop that low, but before my very eyes they did worse, worse still, i don't know what the children are into or who exactly is doing them.

Or relating to their own children and hope to be between me and mine and not perish for my sakes after all this while. if i hadn't lost twenty years of income i might even pretend i comprehend the madness on going.

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