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  • The Portal (vs Room 23)
    The Portal (vs Room 23) A great collab I did with Room 23 from Holland.. You can follow him here : A song made in FL-studio 10.. LYRICS : "Psychedelic drugs are as important to the study of UFO's as the telescope was to the redefining of astronomy You can meet the alien YOU can meet the alien Tomorrow night, if your connections are good This is the portal It is an extraterrestrial communication device"
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  • Xnay on the Estruction-Day
    Xnay on the Estruction-Day The government won't tell anything about their evil plans. You better not ask any questions and just do everything the government wants you to do. And if anything, do not dare to speak about to coming financial collapse and global takeover by the NWO: Xnay on the Estruction-Day. I borrowed the drumparts and the melodyscore from Jay30k and made a track from it. Made in FL-studio 10. Please enjoy !
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  • Menticide ft Dj Donkey Kong
    Menticide ft Dj Donkey Kong "the systematic effort to undermine and destroy a person's values and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged interrogation, drugs, torture, etc., and to induce radically different ideas." A collab I did with DJ Donkey Kong from Holland. Made in FL-studio 10. Please enjoy ! ;-)
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