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  • The Last Time(Piano Version)
    The Last Time(Piano Version) This new track is a piano remix of the original song also by David Onuoha. hope you enjoy it!! be sure to dl and follow thanks.
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  • Light Up
    Light Up Light Up - David Onuoha. U can find me @GhostOnuoha on twitter.
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  • Changes [Unplugged]
    Changes [Unplugged] David Onuoha is back with a soothing folk, hiphop, lounge mix. 3 minuites and 13 seconds of easy listening, his unique style of music inspires us all. In this song he talks about the changes we go through in life, and how its never really over Untill you choose to give up. Be sure to support him on his venture into the entertainment industry. You can find him on twitter @GhostOnuoha (http://www.twitter/GhostOnuoha). Have a listen, download tell your friends. Thank you.
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  • Give Me Love [Ed Sheeran (cover)]
    Give Me Love [Ed Sheeran (cover)] Check me out on twitter @ghostonuoha. Feel free to request a song!
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  • misery [maroon 5 (cover)]
    misery [maroon 5 (cover)] A friend requested I played this for her, make a request on my twitter @ghostonuoha of a song u want me to play and I'll get back to you on it.
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  • Slow Down [Snippet]
    Slow Down [Snippet] Twitter @ghostonuoha | made a snippet bout a moment with my ex. Hope u like it.
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  • Project X
    Project X new Dub track. a lil nigerian influence in it tho. Love it. n' support yo boy yo!! Twitter: @ghostonuoha
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  • Shades%20Of%20Green 5th track of Ecstacy: The Mixtape, I am currently working on. Its probably the worst song on it and the only one I rapped on. The rest are the weeknd inspired. Check me out on twitter @ghostonuoha.
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