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The mandatory safety instructions that you must follow while using Waklert

Fell sick? Oh such a bad thing. Sickness always creeps into our life uninvited and unwantedly. They are work as a bull dozer which crushes the mansion of our normal life and leaves us good for nothing for couple of days. If the illness is serious and it requires hospitalization, the damage is even more severe and it can cost us our health in a great way and also our wealth. So when we get affected by some sleep issue like narcolepsy and sleep apnea we often resort to medicine like waklert which promotes wakefulness in the people and allows them to do their work more efficiently. But there are certain precaution adjoining the medicine which you have to keep in mind and follow them too stringently or else it can cause a lot of trouble for you.
• This anti drowsiness drug contains the chemical known as Armodafinil which can have allergic reaction with certain consumers. Hence if you see any kind of allergic reaction in you after taking this medication, stop taking this drug at once.
• Woman who does not wish to get pregnant must not use this medication as it might interfere in the working of the contraceptive pills.
• This is a wakefulness promoting medication but it might cause a little dizziness in the consumer after taking. Hence it is better not to drive vehicle or operate heavy machinery after taking Waklert.
• Do not consume this medicine ever with any kind of alcohol or beverage. It will affect your health adversely.
• Women who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant should talk to their doctor once before taking this medicine as it may harm the unborn baby or many even pass in the breast milk.
• If you are having the past history of kidney and liver ailments, then it is better to avoid this medication.
• There are possible side effects of this medicine like nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, heartburn, dry mouth, thirst, frequent urination etc. tell your doctor about it if you come across such symptom.

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