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  • Abaddon Track one of an upcoming solo project I've been working on. Looking to join or form a band to play some kind of death metal. I composed all instrumentals and vocals/lyrics. Lyrics: Angel of death, Sheol of Abaddon. Cover the land in fire and ice. Gatekeeper of eternal abyss, reigning the father of lies. Angel of death, Sheol of Abaddon none escape your realm of the dead. Bring forth your swarm of locust beasts. Treacherous demons spawned, on the damned they feast. The bottomless pit void of all light. Forever falling, brought forth by your might. Oh great destroyer of infinite strength, patiently waiting to bring man to waste. As the fifth trumpet blows, opens the fiery trench. Creatures of torture, their thirst never quenched. Confined! Eternal! Unending agony.. Behold! Abaddon! He seeks those with no seal.
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