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  • Where I Came From
    Where I Came From Got dope dick like crack baby imma rockstar.. Got long hair I swang dat hoe like a rasta.. Go head and hate I stay ahead like a race car.. Gettin lots a head from mixed bitches thats a race war.. Niggas wanna beg dont wanna pray that's what made war.. Play wit ha feelins make ha feel where I came from.. Wit no ceilins goin back where I came from.. Dem foreign cars and foreign hoes where I came from.. Nigga stay comin back.. Nigga stay gettin rich. Nigga stay gettin money.. Nigga stay gettin lit.. Nigga stay not complainin.. Nigga keep all da bitch.. Outta my system my lane.. I gotta interstate of mind. Like interstate 45.. I make music like this.. Im sellin drugs online. I keep goin like this. I'd be done in no time. I'd be done with all these.. Mullfukkas wanna waste time. Be a product of ya environment Make money dont make time Go get yours I get mine.. Go get yours I get mine I stay grind.. No matta what.. Cant slow down.. I dont trust. Niggas slowin down .. Niggas slowin down.. Nigga whats the rush? Stock market down. Thats what they tell me.. That's what they tell me.. First of all you shouldn't blame me.. If ya girl listen to me.. If ya put it down right then. Ya girl wouldn't even know me. But gettin to know me is a blessin Trippi Tim ain't for everybody I make beats make ya turn ya bass I shake ya whole damn body. Its turn up not turn down unless she aint got ha shit together its turn up not turn down unless she aint got ha shit together I say it again.. I say it again.. Cuz deez hoes dont listen.. Even when they pay attention.. Now they broke again. Imperfect implementin..
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  • Forreal
    Forreal I woke up.. Now deez niggas can’t keep up.. Clean nigga in a dirty game I ain’t gone change cuz I already changed for the betta now i’m ready for whateva.. I guess ya gotta get a lil dirty in life.. Stay on that open road with the windows closed can’t help but to get cha car dirty but that’s alright.. Wash it down and get it clean like it need rehab hit it with that water when you can don’t let it get outta hand.. I guess ya gotta get a lil dirty in life just to realize how clean you really were and try to get back that way… So many jealous niggas make me stay away from niggas I don’t hang around too many I keep it that way.. Yo own free will make you a prisoner cuz we do what we want but you might end up in prison tho.. Or bein judged by ignorance and blind obedience talkin bad about cha but they claim they good tho.. Causin all kinds of hell why the hell would they tell someone that they goin to hell in the first place.. I done been so many places and I’m goin somewhere else but I been through hell on my toes keepin my pace… On my way to Heaven man I had to go through hell just to realize I been lookin at Heaven all along.. It’s a certain way you gotta look at things and just learn how to hold on and stay strong.. That’s what i’m smokin.. Smokin on strong… Not for the weak minded.. Got a nigga gone.. She play with the weed smoke wit a dick in her mouth.. And make the smoke dance on a dick in and out.. If you seen what I seen then you should know that there’s no such thing as obscene.. Same shit different crime scene nah mean.. Same shit different crime scene nah mean.. My dictionary so big and long I write this shit so I could never be wrong.. I type this shit cuz i’m the type that do it all.. I like this shit I let my nuts hang and ball.. I like this shit I let my nuts hang and ball.. Where is the love cuz the love gone hide from all the hate it wanna show it’s face to me but it’s too much hate.. All around make ya tense but I left it in the past just a past tense it use to be what I thought was great.. Had to think and think again I never lost focus just somethin I had to take in before I ended up in the pen… Imma tell my story cuz it’s like an allegory it’s a symbol so hidden it’s an image flowin through the wind.. I would say that all I do is win but I really do not pose opposition I think that we all are winners.. Cuz u can make a person feel bad when they think that they losin it can turn a person into a cold hearted sinner..
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