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Before hitting the dance-hall/hip hop scene ntangi membe aka exquizite vybez was mainly a dj at clubs such as texaco, la ciga nipa club as one of the many. dj also played,performed and organised functions such as miss nipa and 1st ever miss digitech, whilest serving as sports and entertainment chairperson in nipasu.in the course of the deejaying career he performed along side artists and deejay’s such as t-sean , macky ii , dalisoul, zone fam, dandy crazy ,slap d ,oc ,mampi ,dj cosmo , [late] sooch matix , dj d-rob and many more.

Dj exquizite currently exquizite vybez is now a solo artist under his movement S.A.G NATION (SWAG AFRICA GAT),APART FROM MUSIC exquizite vybez is currently c.e.o of other entities such as THE HPH HAPPY PEOPLE HOPE FOUNDATION that is bulit to help and bring happiness primarily to children in the areas of poverty ,HIV INFECTED , disabled and The homeless.

Exquizite vybez also has a clothing label named Mfumu wear and an online magazine called sceptic magazine that is a daily publication with all the latest celebrity and popular culture news. You'll find inside news you crave about the personalities who fascinate you.

He is currently sheduled to release an album in 2013 on an identified date but an album named ""THE VERGE OF A NEW MERGE"",for more information and music updates on our local artist stay tune to this page :

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  • Exquizite Vybez - Take Over (Ft Camsta)
    Exquizite Vybez - Take Over (Ft Camsta) “Take Over” was produced by xyz affiliated skillz, C.E.O of Phat Jam records. This song features Camstar Capital C, former Diamond Chain Member. Its a hiphop beat labeled “G’s” favourite amongest hiphop lovers. Not so noisy but mellow with some Slick creativity. Download, share and leave us a comment.
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  • Exquizite Vybez - Shana (Ft Massi)
    Exquizite Vybez - Shana (Ft Massi) ” In life you got to learn to keep failure beneth your feet, enjoy every bit of life and get reed of the fear and be confident about all you persue in life.” The afrobeat track by @exquizite_vybez is featured by masi the zambian rnb sensation behind the song “isa wingile” under vetran label “sling beats”.
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  • Exquizite Vybez - Night Out (ft BG)
    Exquizite Vybez - Night Out (ft BG) Night out is a dancehall riddim track that features BG, a great rapper with a million dollar voice, that got you feeling like money, while vybez goes versitile with a few tribal calls. Tho a short one it is, shorter than you expect on the verses, this one was one of the top downloads that got exquizite vybez 8,900 plus downloads on numberonemuisic.com in less than a week. Top downloads coming from europe and parts of africa. Well enjoy and sing along; leave us a comment too.
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  • Exquizite Vybez - Love Ting (Prod Dancehall Daddy)
    Exquizite Vybez - Love Ting (Prod Dancehall Daddy) On this one you might be able to pick out a few love tips with a tune to it. Enjoy the afropop single with @exquizite_vybez singing on all verses “interesting”. Download and leave us a comment.
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  • Exquizite Vybez - Drop Dead (ft Tsean)
    Exquizite Vybez - Drop Dead (ft Tsean) This song is off one of UK’s House Of Taurus Music Group (HOTMG) , promoting artist @exquizite_vybez, an afrobeat/dancehall/hiphop artist from zambia. The track vybez’s first Hit Track that was produced and featured by T-sean. The Dancehall/Hiphop track, mixed with english and a the zambian local language “nyanja”, this song has you feeling like money.
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  • Exquizite Vybez - Jalah Biyaa [attire] (feat. Da Suspekt)
    Exquizite Vybez - Jalah Biyaa [attire] (feat. Da Suspekt) Last week exquizite vybez released a track called “jalah Biyaa”, produced and featured by Nigerian producer and artist ” Da Suspekt “. Have a listen, Enjoy & Share! You sure should expect more made hits this year, This on is off the hook.
    Exquizite_... 00:03:41 318 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Exquizit vybez - Official girl
    Exquizit vybez - Official girl This track is a must have believe us, barely 3 hours since publicity vybez has gotten over 90 downloads off his mtv profile, from vybez management BIG Up Vybez!. The SAG Nation Protege cam out slick on this one than ever. Download, listen and share. Enjoy!
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