Dear all: please read this carefully - very, very, carefully and stop and think if you really care for Ethiopia. Since 1991, there has been a country called Ethiopia but there was no Ethiopian national government. What we have had was not even a human entity; what we have had was a bestial entity called tplf that was conceived in hatred in Tigray; raised in hatred in Tigray and thrives in hatred in the whole of Ethiopia. Make no mistake, the level of hatred TPLF has for the rest of Ethiopia has no parallel in Ethiopian history. Even more shocking to me is very few people have come to understand the worst genocide in Ethiopian history in which 2.4 million Amharas ceased to exist. The list of carnage is endless: Bedeno, Gondar, Arba Gugu, Gura Ferda, Awassa, Gambella and the mother of all crimes in which 2.4 million babies were terminated in their mothers womb in the Amhara region. Wake up everyone and look around, the beast from Tigray will stop at nothing unless we stand and give them a lesson they will never recover and forget!

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  • 23Sept2012 Dr Assefa Negash Dr. Assefa analyzes current affairs in light of his profession and provides a context for understanding the tegre liberation front. As usual, his arguments are backed by credible references.
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  • Battle of Adwa Legacy Part II The battle of Adwa is the greatest military victory by an African leader over a white army since the days of Hannibal. It was, in the words of Merid Wolde Aregay and Sven Rubenson, 'the last dramatic act in a long play.' culminating in a resounding victory for Ethiopia which enshrined its place in history as a source of defiance and freedom. Ethiopianism, OAU/AU, the Ras Teferian movement and of course the Pan-African flag are all inexorably linked to the victory Emperor Menelik scored at Adwa. Last but not least, yes, Emmye Menelik has saved the likes of Sebhat Nega and Legesse Zenawi and other dedebit midgets and deadbeats from being shoe shine boys and maids for the Italians.
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  • 17 March2013Dr. Assefa Negash The Legacy of the battle of Adwa is the main theme here. Adwa is the greatest military victory over a white army since the days of Hannibal
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