Ominous - Dreaming
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Tags: hip hoprap

Dreaming prophet seeking knowledge in a land of trepidation,
Scanning pamphlet revelations spitting wisdom of the ancients,
Living in a matrix corporate hatred demonstrated,
Flooding in the water need a higher elevation,
Ascend my physical flesh mental teleportation through the course of my patience,
My life aura is fading parasitic entities that feed on parts of my platelets,
Devastation that I'm facing got me shaking like a haitian,
Slowly wasting in this nation and no more friendly faces,
Keeping secrets like a mason with the highest degrees,
Diguised in deceit I'm rhyming for weeks to try to release,
The suicidal thoughts with no sign of relief,
I'm moving past the fallacies a human being battery,
Fueling from the galaxy a new induced reality,
Allure you with a tapestry confuse you telepathically,
Using tools of savagery and chewing through your cavalry,
Underneath the flesh my soul is battered and broken feeling trapped and so hopeless,
But rap is my potion I take it daily to function,
Getting baked like an oven without thinking of repercussions,
Blood is rushing from the substance that is coursing through my body,
People talk of illuminati nazi parties annunaki,
While mommas on floor pulsing probably from the oxy's,
Out mobbing with the posse tryna slide up in a hotty,
But once you see what I see then it all becomes illusions,
Yo God is therapeutic his art is very moving never losing,
Putrid humans speaking foolish on the movement,
I've fallen deep within a pit while beats are steady looping,
We need a revolution or remain up in a prison,
Brainwashing the hearts of saints with games and television,
I don't want to birth a seed in a system so conflicted,
These written compositions are the reason I'm still living,
So absorb the verse I'm spitting,

Licence : All Rights Reserved

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