13. Ominous - That Raw
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Tags: hip hoprap

I kick a rhythm that will stiffen victims when I hit em,
Shifting opposition stop your vision when I'm spitting,
Lyrics glisten in the distance,
Give me energy to rip it I mending many spirits,
So lend an ear and hear it as peer beneath the surface,
I witness evil serpents that scatter when their nervous,
See I'm rapping with a purpose I slash you when I burst this,
Herds of verbal curses don't try to step up mic I'll snatch your soul like purses,
I elevate like the taxes and levitate off the mattress,
That's why I'm labeled a savage you see my tablets are madness,
Yo I spray 16s like you put an m in front of it,
Treat your rhymes like burlap cuz they ain't worth nothing kid,
With a single breath till the death I'll be in effect,
Dropping rhymes that disconnect simple threats on the premises,
Feel demonic but my people say I'm heaven sent,
When I get up on the mic y'all know that I represent,
Yo my mind goes in grind mode I ignite foes and write flows,
I spit verse And rip the time folds,
so cold it's like your underground tryna mine gold,
Keep it cleaner then some motherfucking pinesole,,
Yo check the rap that I speak I'm crafting avid techniques,
These thoughts will shatter your spleen your on the path of the beast,
But I'm purging all these maggots when a tablet's released,
You'll get smacked in the streets or probably stabbed through the fleece,,
I feed your mind with my lines so my words are nutritious,
They get served on some dishes from start to the finish,
I'll be launching these rhythms straight up bomb your position,
My brains sharper then switches just watch me slaughter my victims,,
I know my times coming fate is slowly closing in,
Focusing man this life's a game I'm hoping I can win,
Writing shit so hard that I've broken every pen,
Im just tryna keep my head up slowly coping with my sins,,

Licence : All Rights Reserved

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