What we resist persists
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Sometimes people hear what I have to say as an insult or a “put down”, and other people can see it as an opportunity to see themselves more clearly. It all depends on if you care to hear the truth about yourself or if you want to continue to hear the lies.
Sometimes people think I am hitting them with a 2 X 4 board, and others only notice me gently pointing; yet I am the same with everyone. If something is said to assist in their flowering, their opening, I wonder how they consider it me hitting them with a 2 X 4. To flower means leaving behind that which you aren’t and be completely the thing you have made yourself to be. To complete something means it has come to an end.
Yet we think we need to be in resistance to things in order for them to end. You will see someone or something, and you say that you’re not going to be like them or like that. That very resistance is what makes you be like them. In saying things like “I am not going to be like my mother or father” or other people you don’t like, you become just like your mother or father even if you cannot see it.
In a negative situation the “I’m not going to be that way” is the invention of being that way because it is all negative. And to make it worse, if you have built your life around negativity, then you could say that all of your life is wrong, negative. Even the tiny successes you have are wrong or negative because you hold onto them. What makes those tiny successes so negative is that you hold onto them as those times you didn’t fail, and doing that prevents you from seeing you failures 100 percent. If you could have seen yourself as a 100 percent failure, then you might have been able to shift your life. Because of the few times you have some little successes, you have an excuse for failing, so you don’t see the complete failure, and not seeing that prevents from moving forward.
When we are wrong, it is simply a matter of making a mistake, an error. Yet, people take it as a horrible thing to admit they are wrong. They cannot do it, so they keep making mistake after mistake. You cannot correct an error until you first admit that it was a mistake, so you keep on going in the wrong direction, the same way you have been going. The more people hold onto the mistake, the more they propel themselves into the ridiculousness of it.
People think they are right and want everyone else to think they are right. People don’t realize they are living their whole lives in total chaos, and then they proceed to tell other people how to live their lives.
People hold onto an imitation life, hold on with vigor and beat people away from them to stay the way they are when in actuality every person really cares to be free. The beliefs are so strong within them, that nothing can break through to them. They believe that is reality. They don’t want to see that they have a belief they are flawed, even if they know it deep down. They are going to make sure that no one else can see it, so they have to hide it from themselves and everyone else. This causes total chaos in the brain, and from the total chaos they live their life. And to make it worse chaos is the place they are relating to other people from and then wonder why it is difficult to communicate.

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