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The entry point between the world of knowledge and intelligence is actually in “I don’t know.” That is not a statement. It is a place. It is the unknown. Furthermore, there are two “I don’t know’s.” You do not know that you do not know. Because the mind can easily trick you, when you come across the first “I don’t know;” you think you are there in the unknown. However, it takes that you do not know “that” you do not know to actually be there.

Because we give labels to everything, in the physical world we can know we are sitting in a chair or that there is a tree outside; yet, intelligence doesn’t know what any of that is. It only knows what it is called. This is why structured mind is so important —so that we can “know” and “not know” instantaneously in the same moment what that tree is and isn’t. We know it is a tree and we know it isn’t a tree because we don’t know what it is. In the overall scheme of things on this planet, what is the scheme of the tree? It is not the label it was given, just as you are not the label you were given. We are all stuck in the world of knowledge which tells us ”that is a tree;” and from the moment we were told that, we accepted it as truth. Then we solidified it as a belief, and from that moment on a tree is a tree, and we stop seeing it for what it really is or isn’t. We just believe the labels to be the actual thing, and they are not.

Once we are given a name, we can then add other labels to that. We add “good/bad,” “girl/boy,” “beautiful/ugly,” “right/wrong,” “worthy/unworthy,” and so on. All these things are attached to our first label, our name. All of these new labels are applied before we, as babies, have language to put names on them. They are just sensations that we later associate with the names and labels once language is known. And once we have a sensation that is familiar, we will associate other similar sensations with it, and they all get joined together. Once language is added, we can put words such as “I am not loved” or “I am rejected” or “I am cared for” onto whatever experience you have had. Once language is added to experience, other associations become automatic, and experiences are labeled based on the beliefs of “I am not loved” or “I am cared for,” etc.

So, if in your early childhood you had the experience of not being loved, you might later in life experience something close to “love,” you might not accept it, or you might even find the negative in it to reinforce the belief that you are not loved. If your early childhood was one of being cared for, and later in life experience something painful, you might not even notice it, and you might find the positive in it to prove and reinforce your belief that you are cared for. That is how we get so far out of balance. Each of us reinforces the images we created at that time we accepted the belief.

The experience of transformation is hugely important because it erases the original assessment (beliefs) that you made of yourself. Barring a full transformation, it is almost impossible to change that core belief, and any attempt to change it will only cause the ego-self to invent new ways of protecting itself.

Your whole life, your whole being, is created around one core belief that you have to be right, and being wrong anywhere is being wrong there, in the core. It is almost like a mini-death to admit to being wrong, to admit you don’t know (anything), that “I don’t know.”

So, this always having to be right is another way the ego-self is constantly reinforcing itself. We argue to the death to prove that we are right, no matter what. All day you are doing this without even realizing it, probably hundreds of times every day or more depending on your environment. You are justifying, making excuses, blaming others or situations, all to prove that you are right. And if you have an experience that might show you otherwise, you still will only see what you believe to be true — your core belief, that you are right.

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