Mens and womens club
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Part of the problem, or possibly the whole problem, is that men belong to the “men’s club” and the women belong to the “women’s club.” I mean that men usually get together and talk about “men stuff” and women get together and talk about “women’s stuff.” And it is not that they just talk about it; they believe all the labels that are placed on a man and on a woman. Those beliefs in the labels cause the separation that exists between them. Until this separation is ended, there will always be problems in any man/woman relationship.

My suggestion is for you to drop out of the woman’s or men’s club. This can start linguistically by saying, “I drop out of the men (or) women’s club.” Then watch every time you do or say something that might be considered sexist. Both these clubs include a hatred for the other, and even if it is subtle, it is there, as well as fear and anger. Men don’t understand women, and women don’t understand men; and never the twain shall meet (or so we think).

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