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  • Its the damn room An old North Knox home in historical district, male voice says what sounds like "Its the damn room, chick chick boom!".
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  • Nine Lives Left Franks Box session at TMG in Sweetwater. JJ says "Are ya'll in heaven" sounds like "Nine lives left" is the reply.
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  • Strange Voice During quiet time you hear an investigator sniffle & then a female voice (it wasn't any of the 3 female investigators in the room as we were all observing a quiet moment) says something about a strange voice.
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  • She Will Die A female voice comes in right as I enter the parlor of a home, it sounds like she is saying "She will die" at the beginning of it, the end kind of meshes in with me saying "What was that? because I thought I had heard something.
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  • Protect What? Trey says "If you are protecting you're not very good at it, I got a 2 year old cat at home that is a lot better protection than you". I then hear an unknown male voice say "protect WHAT", the end are investigators saying "can you come over here close to me" and "yeah".
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  • Go To The Bed Barb is telling a homeowner about a personal experience. She says "I was sitting on the bed" and a female voice says "go to the bed".
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  • Please Pray for me / This is God This is a Franks Box session, JJ says "Is the bad spirit here with us now?" and I hear what sounds like "Please pray for me" followed with "this is God" at the very end.
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  • Why Do You Hate Me? Recorded with the spirit mic, sounds like its a female voice which says "Why do you hate me"?
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  • Walker Tina thought she was talking to a child. After she says "you can tell me your name" a male voice says what sounds like "Walker."
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  • Walker Tina thought she was talking to a child...<br /> After she says "you can tell me your name" you hear a male voice say "Walker".
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