The Duke Machado Show: Calling Out Ted Cruz Immigration Plan
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Whenever I hear someone cheer when a Republican candidate panders to the base about mass deportation, it really frustrates me. Not because I don't think they should have an opinion, but because they are unwilling to consider the reality of actually accomplishing the "promise to deport." For the past several Presidential elections, Republicans have lost more and more of the Hispanic vote. Why? It's simple...immigration. We Republicans are so intoxicated with the vision of round-ups and Eisenhower deportations, that we fail to see the potential downfall in a general election. Aren't we supposed to be the Party of fiscal responsibility? If so, then wouldn't it be easier, less expensive and more beneficial to the U.S. to find an alternative to mass deportation? Are we unable to think past going door-to-door and asking people for their proof of residence? It's unpopular to be on the side of solutions. Anyone can say, "Hell yeah! Let's round 'em all up and ship them out!" Doing it is another thing. Is that what the Republican Party is all about? Has our Party been hi-jacked by extremists as well? We'll talk about this in detail. I invite listeners to call in and share your thoughts.

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