It was not a remote, isolated area in some Islamisized tribal village of Kanddar, Afghanistan but the populous city of Lahore in the heart of Pakistan. It was there a massacre took place under the new secular government. The victims were Pakistani Christians and the perpetrators were Pakistani Muslims. Both had lived in peace for generations until Sharia Law was implemented in the Pakistani courts. Many such incidents occur everyday unnoticed by the national and international media, as if the lives of Pakistani Christians were disposable, worth nothing.

In this diverse but hostile environment Dr. Alfonse Javed was born to a pastor and his wife. Being the second oldest son among five siblings, he never learned to cope with his identity “chooras” a derogatory word for Christians. As an untouchable, it was not possible to drink from the same cup as other Pakistanis. He was determined to break through the social barriers of racism, and religious differences. Regardless of the treatment he received, he always found a reason to believe that one day things would change for good. Having a soft sport for Muslims, he looked for ways to prove himself worthy of respect. In 1998, at the age of 18 he started an after school program that turned into a successful high school activity within one year. The same year, he founded a non-profit organization that continues to fight for peace, justice and equality. It also provides humanitarian aid to Pakistani people.

His success and fame became a curse when he was chased by some Muslims. Before his adversaries could become a nightmare for his family, he was disowned by them. A man who had had everything left with nothing but to escape. The thorn of hatred against him was so deep in the soul of his own countrymen that he was forced to live in exile and make a foreign land his new home.

The root of the sort of evil that turns good friends against friends and relatives against relatives was the new frontier that he was about to discover. He has since devoted his life to the study of Islam and learning about its history. His culture and background gave him a unique perspective on Islam.

In 2003, he planted a church in Athens, Greece among Indians and Pakistanis. The church continues to grow. In the following year, he also ministered in Iran and Afghanistan. In 2006, coming from a country of almost 200 million people that has less than a 1.8 % Christian evangelical community, he started a new life in the US, where 80% of the population claims to be Christian. Dr. Javed was saved as a result of his family's miraculous deliverance from an intense wave of persecution.

He is graduate of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He holds several degrees: BA, BS, BRE, MS, MBA, Ed. S and Doctor of Education degree in Leadership and has served in two churches as a pastor, one in Binghamton, NY and the other in Pennsylvania. Currently, he is the director of Outreach and Evangelism at Calvary Baptist Church, a historical church in New York City. He is a dynamic speaker who travels around the world to preach, teach and train leaders.

In New York City, Dr. Javed has served as the director of Love for Muslims, a ministry of Advancing Native Missions, out of Hephzibah House. His unique understanding of both Eastern and Western cultures allows him to interpret the Qur'an in its true context. His doctoral research on Muslim students in the New York school system has given him a different perspective on Muslim youth living in New York City. He has been invited nationally and internationally to present his research work. Under his ministry leadership at Calvary Baptist Church, with the collaboration of Advancing Native Missions, the church is developing a model to reach out to Muslims for other churches in the New York metropolitan area. The Muslim next door by Dr Alfonse Javed is one recommended resource by Christian leadership.

If you would like to invite Dr. Javed for a secular or Christian event, please contact us via: love4muslims@mail.com. He teaches regularly at New York School of the Bible, as well as teaching in other colleges as an adjunct professor.


Dr. Alfonse Javed has written an important book on lovingly reaching out to our Muslim neighbors. This has never been more important and especially in New York City in the wake of 9/11.
Dr. Mac Pier,
The New York City Leadership Center
Founder of Concerts of Prayer New York City
Author of Spiritual Leadership in the Global City

If you are serious about understanding Islam and sharing Christ
with your Muslim neighbors, The Muslim Next Door will be a great
help to you. I have known Dr. Alfonse Javed for many years and
have great respect for both he and his ministry. We work together at
Calvary Baptist Church in New York City sharing the gospel with
everyone – including Muslims. His book will help equip you to be a
more loving, informed and effective witness for Jesus Christ.
Rev. Dave Epstein
Senior Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church,
New York City

“Discipleship precedes any other action.” With insights like these,
Dr. Alfonse Javed gives us a treasure trove of practical advice on
reaching out to Muslims with the gospel. Writing from an eastern
perspective, the author rightly emphasizes both evangelism and
discipleship in ministry to Muslims. The Q & A style makes The
Muslim Next Door eminently readable.
Rev. Fred Farrokh,
Jesus For Muslims Network,
Metro New York City

Paul announced “ I have become all things to all men, that I might
by all means save some”. Without a doubt Dr. Alfonse Javed
shares the apostle’s passion to reach those of another culture and
it is evident in his book The Muslim Next Door. Dr. Javed provides
keen insight and wise counsel for those seeking to share Christ
with Muslims without compromising the message of the Cross.
Rev. Gary Frost,
Concerts of Prayer Greater New York

I am a Jew who loves Muslims. I love Muslims because I love
Jesus the Jewish Messiah. The Muslim Next Door helps me
to love Muslims in the best way possible. It teaches me how to
effectively share the greatest gift I have to give to my Muslim
friends, the love of God in Messiah Jesus. Thank you Dr.
Javed for helping me to be obedient to my Savior's command.
David Brickner
Executive Director
Jews for Jesus

It has been one of the most distinct experiences here at
Hephzibah House, NYC, to share in the life and ministry of the
author, Rev. Dr. Alfonse Javed. God has entrusted many gifts
to this man, including a sharp mind with the ability to
communicate what God has taught and instilled in him,
through His Word, but also through his personal experiences
of life. God has no doubt equipped him and placed him in
NYC, USA for such a time as this. His book is like him...it has
his personal heart throughout it...energetic, compassionate,
intelligent, with the sole purpose of honoring Jesus Christ.
The writings of this book should be read by American
Christians, so that God may use us with greater effectiveness
as His witnesses.
Mrs. Lois Ewald
Hephzibah House,
New York City

People in general, and Christians in particular, do not know
how to react to the growing presence of Muslims in America.
Who are these Muslims? What do they really believe? Should
I be afraid of them? Christians, in addition, struggle with how
to befriend Muslims and how to share the gospel with them. In
The Muslim Next Door, Alfonse Javed provides Christians, in a
question and answer format, with the tools to do both.
George T. Russ
Executive Director
Metropolitan New York Baptist Association

“A must read for anyone engage in evangelism to Muslims.
Particularly to those that are dedicated to reaching Muslims within
our prisons.
Islam is not only the fastest growing religion in the world but also in
correctional facilities within the United States.
The Muslim Next Door is primer on how, when and where to share
the gospel in terms that are culturally relevant, sensitive and
Rafael Lozada, JD
Executive Director / North East
Prison Fellowship

Having an interest in muslims over 35 years of ministry with
international students, it may become a very useful resource to the
church in North America.
Tim Sigman
New York Metro Area Director,
International Student Inc. (ISI)

When it comes to evangelism with Muslims, there are always many
questions to address. Muslims have lots of questions for Christians.
Christians have a lot of questions about Muslims. Alfonse Javed's
years of experience answering the questions of both Muslims and
Christians shines through in The Muslim Next Door. The book's
dialogical style invites the reader into an intimate question and
answer session with an experienced practitioner. The reader will
certainly find helpful answers to questions they want, or need,
Chris Clayman
North American Mission Board (SBC)
Author, ethNYcity: The Nations, Tongues, and Faiths of Metropolitan
New York

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