Data Science Bootcamp

At http://www.k2datascience.com/ you can get a great opportunity to Learn data science from anywhere in the world, without quitting your job. With the advanced curriculum and project based structure, the experts are able to teach the students today are cutting edge data science techniques and technologies. You can get many new friends and with the help of them you can collaborate on your projects with other students. You will also get opportunity to learn model selection for model evaluation with the help of unsupervised learning approaches like clustering and dimensionality reduction.

They teach you to do biased and UN biased methods. The professionals will also give you short lessons on visualization and a Mathematics refresher. Pros of Data Science Bootcamp is always getting updated with new and new inventions being made and technique being followed, and hence you have something new to learn every time. As it is online course you can take it after you have completed your job, any kind it might be. You can also do face to face video chat with the team. Get real-time help from fellow students and contribute to assist others. You can get many new friends and with the help of them you can collaborate on your projects with other students and even enter a Kaggle competition together.

The Bootcamp portion of the course is completed in 3 weeknights per week and 1 immersive weekend per month. They provide Live Lectures and Stream lectures live. Access the replays whenever you want. The program will help you to come up with an ambitious question and utilize many aspects of the curriculum. They firstly do introduction and then fundamentals. During fundamentals you will be taught how to handle the data and make analysis. You will be able to share an accompanying story about the data and your project and the results, visualization or working implementation will be published on the web. You will continue to work at the same pace during this phase, while you deepen your knowledge by solving real- world questions and learning best practices.

Finally they give you project work. At this point, you will have a solid understanding of the core technologies. This is the phase where you need to make use of all skills you have learned throughout the program. They also provide Live Help Desk, if you get stuck; support is just a click away. And they are fastest to reply.

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