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  • Abandoning Singularities
    Abandoning Singularities So after creating Existentialist Theory, I had so many good reviews on it it made me want to create another track so soon. So here we are, my latest piece of work. Had MANY complications with this one, synths breaking, patches going missing, sound-card screwing itself up... BUT, I got it done which is all that matters. Anyway, enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated whether its something good or if its something you think could be changed.
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  • Existentialist Theory Nothing much I can about this one, other than I was bored and decided to make a track. So enjoy.
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  • Chiptune Track This was more of an experiment than anything else to see if I can create something that resembles a chiptune/8-bit song. Personally I think it went pretty well, but let me know what you think!
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