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  • Stay Strong A song in open C tuning. Powerful to project the point of never giving up.
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  • Happy Note This song is a romantic song I made about me and mah girl ;) lovin' that Shelby chick <3
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  • Warmth A piece I made My girlfriend told me to get off the computer because she could see that I was getting frustrated at the constant use of it; so I hopped off and walked out to my verandah with my guitar and played this.
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  • Each Other This song is a song to show that if you are in love with someone then it doesn't really matter if he/she doesn't share the same hobbies as you. Yes I agree there would be a lot more to do with each other, however you don't NEED that to continue to love.
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  • Breathe ft Daniel Shipton A song me and my friend made to create the atmosphere of living an exciting life!
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  • Bitter This is the first song I ever made. It was generally about the anger that came out of the loss of love.
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  • Good Morning Breeze A A song I made to create an atmosphere of when you walk outside early in the morning as you breathe the air during the sun rises.
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