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  • Road Not Taken
    Road Not Taken Road Not Take by Robert Frost, except song version. I am a bit off with the timing, but I still believe you would still enjoy it.
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  • Fly Me to the Moon
    Fly Me to the Moon Happy Thanksgiving guys! This is a special treat to you guys. It is a song I have been working on in my music class. It is not completely perfected, but I still thought it would be something nice to share. Enjoy!
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  • Mysterious Song-  Can you guess the name of the song?
    Mysterious Song- Can you guess the name of the song? Aside from the fact of being a science geek, I have developed a passion for music. This passion for music started to grow within me since High School. In Tech, I took Chorus. Unfortunately, I was unable to continue to take it Junior year due to schedule conflicts. But for some reason, I just cannot drop this passion for music. I love to play the piano and sing. However, I feel my singing is terrible (as I was told). When I got into LIU Brooklyn, and heard the institution offers free private music lessons,I seized the opportunity! After 4 lessons of vocal training and practice, I managed to sing this song. I won't tell you the name of this song. Can you guess it? It is not perfected, but I thought I should share it because it is one of the great accomplishments I made. Tell me what you think.
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