It's All About 'sex, money and love' ... and Dario Black

Dario Black's music is rooted in pop, electronica and anchored in Latin grooves with a refreshing vibe that's giving way to this rising act in the U.S. and beyond.

“Music is art," says Dario. “Music is freedom. When you have a dream that's bigger than you are, you will go far to pursue your passions.”

Those passions, the Los Angeles-based entertainer says, are about making his dreams come true and inspiring others. He has personally drawn inspiration from music icons Enrique Iglesias, Nina Simone, Ricky Martin and Shakira, among others.

The Colombian-Venezuelan singer/songwriter (formerly known as Dario Benitez) has already released music in Spanish and English and is currently working on s.m.l. (sex, money, love), a new project that reexamines universal themes and their impact. The album is self-produced although Dario previously worked with producers such as Guillermo Pascual who has worked with music stars such as Alejandro Sanz and Laura Pausini.

Before moving to Southern California, Dario was already working on music. He was writing, composing and making demos of his signature pop style. While feedback has been instrumental in his growth, it Dario’s do-it-yourself bravado that has led him to produce his music from composing to lyrics with a personal home computer in tow before enlisting a friend to record the current project with a rich quality sound.

“When I was working on the EP my intentions were to make people dance,” Dario says. “I wanted to wake up souls. I wanted people to feel what I feel when I perform. Musically, the direction of this album was influenced by a variety of things from Cuban tribal sounds to 90's house music and jazz.”

Earlier in his life, Dario was barely a teenager when music was front and center. By 14, he was already living in the U.S. after having been raised in Colombia and Venezuela. A few years later he auditioned for "American Idol" with the support of Simon Cowell who encouraged him to keep working on his craft.

Today, Dario is the voice of a new generation of artists who believes in making quality music. Adding to that momentum, appearances include festivals, clubs and other venues throughout Southern California that have placed Dario on the stage with everyone from recording artists such as Lil Kim to Andres Cuervo.

Making appearances at music industry events such as the Billboard Latin Conference & Music Awards and networking with esteemed colleagues such as bachata singer Prince Royce, pop crooner Enrique Iglesias and romantic balladeer David Bisbal, Dario is also looking to conquer his dreams.

A strong and captivating voice that delivers energetic pop performances that illustrate his music's catchy hooks, beats and melodies, Dario's upcoming EP, s.m.l., is slated for release in 2015 and will reintroduce Dario to more audiences as he takes the stage.

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    Fire of love Dario Black’s first single ‘Fire Of Love’ opens with some very basic stabs that give very little away of what to expect, and once the vocal steps into place, things begin to become clear. There’s a strong Euro pop feel to the track, with its house beat and rave organ honks that flutter in the background, all pulling back regularly to let Black’s vocal ring out for itself. There’s even a dubstep style breakdown and makes for an exciting segue in the track. Eventually as things draw to a lose we’re treated to some snappy guitar twangs that very cleverly leave the listener hanging on for a little bit more, which is the sure sign of a well crafted sub three minute pop song.~Crossradar.com
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