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  • is God enough podcast
    is God enough podcast Is God enough? Each First Sunday of the month we put on an event where we talk about the things we find ourselves talking about over drinks in a pub, or over dinner. This month's Topic is:"Is God... Enough?", there is music, some great people, and a vegan shared lunch afterwards. The topic is presented by Robert Tervet, After wards we will have an anonymous question and answer which can be fun. If you've never been to church before (or for a while) but want to come and meet people and not worry about offending anyone, this is definitely for you! If you want to bring something to the shared lunch, please pm us! The event is hosted by St Stephens (Church of England) Church in Norwich city Centre, It starts at 11.30 but free coffee is served at 11am There is provision for children (including snacks!)
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  • DoesGodHateWomenpodcast
    DoesGodHateWomenpodcast This month's Church for People that Don't go to Church takes us into the trenches of one of the world's oldest battles: The Battle of the Sexes. We're asking theologian Freddy Hedley whether male priests, a male messiah, and all human sin seemingly coming from one bad woman with an apple means that God hates women. Want to hear what he's got to say? Just press play, sit back and enjoy!
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  • Is God a Capitalist?
    Is God a Capitalist? Here at Church for People who don't go to Church we like to ask questions - especially the kind of questions you're not usually allowed to ask in church. This month we're looking at the world around us and asking "is God a capitalist?" Does Christianity's God fit into the way we do things in Western society, or does He offer another route? Do you need to be poor to be a Christian, or should hard work be rewarded with fair pay? Is God greedy? What does the Bible say on this, and how does the modern Church fit into it all? If you're interested in the answers we found, have a listen! Church for People who don't go to Church runs on the first of every month, at St Stephen's Church in Norwich city centre (right opposite the Chapelfield Mall's main entrance!). Things kick off at 11:30, and there's a bring-and-share lunch afterwards for those of us hungry for more than just answers. Everyone is welcome, this includes skeptics, peptics, philosophical eclectics, knitters, keep-fitters, question askers, multi-taskers, lovers, haters and YOU!
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