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X-Mane is a young, aspiring hip-hop artist from Alabama that displays all of the characteristics associated with being a profitable asset rather than a compromising liability within the music industry . His music displays the purest form of witty, yet comprehensive collage of metaphors imaginable, along with a stage presence and delivery that distances himself into a category of his very own when in comparison to other artists. In addition, he also possesses the mental capacity along with the vocabulary required to conduct live interviews and the decisiveness to monitor his social media outlets and behavior to avoid a public relations nightmare. His arrogant, intelligent array of well-timed punchlines has been heard on double disc mixtape “U Can’t C Me”…Vol. I & II, Goon Sqad’s “Da Mixtalbum”, “Jack’n IV Beatz…Vol. I”, alongside several collaborations and guest features with various artists over his 10+ year career. Currently X is networking within the music industry and promoting his music across the Southeast while working on the continuation of his “Jack’n IV Beatz” series and composing and recording tracks for his upcoming, highly anticipated freshman album “X²“. The sense of magnetism and lyrical dominance associated with his music consistently keeps him amongst the elite as a top 5 artist on the popular music site ReverbNation, regardless of his location! When seeking all of the rare intangibles and key components that differentiate between a GOOD artist and a GREAT artist, X is undeniably a force to be reckoned with! When the words "SUPERSTARDOM" and "PHENOM" venture into the conversation, with the right team in place X is well on his way to being just that!!

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  • Beverly Hillz
    Beverly Hillz "Beverly Hillz" is a brief autobiography that depicts the ups and downs associated with the journey X has taken through life while maturing not only as an artist, but as a man as well. The detailed account of his story over a Hip-Hop/Rock-N-Roll beat sets a mood which allows the listener to vividly visualize the story as it progresses as if they are there with him! Enjoy...
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  • Ye'en Shit
    Ye'en Shit 2nd single from the freshman album "X²". This song was composed to display diversity within the album as well as cater to the night club audience and the crunk music genre of Hip-hop.
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