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Drone23 Flight Lesson - Lighting

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Tags: dronecamera

Hi, it’s Jimmy with another flight lesson from DRONE23! And today we’re going to be talking about the different types of lighting and what times of the day to expect that light.

The first type of light we’ll be talking about today is “partial light”. When a subject is partially lit it means something like a cloud or a shadow from another source is blocking the sun’s light from fully lighting the subject. This is typically found on cloudy days and times of day where the sun is low on the horizon, such as dawn and dusk hours. Partial light is great to have when you’re trying to light up a certain part of your subject, and it makes for dramatic light and also enhances the quality of your picture or video. But the best time to get photos and videos in partial light is the “golden hour”.

The golden hour is the time from when the sun rises from the horizon up to a certain point when it stops shining a yellow light, which is generally an hour, and also the last hour prior to the sun setting on the horizon.

The next type of light is “backlight”. This is found at any time of the day and it’s when you’re shooting behind where the sun is shining. During certain times of the day, the sun shines on one side of an object, and the other side is facing away from the sun. The side that is facing away is the “backlit” side, and in some cases it’s very hard to tell what you are shooting when you are using this light. In times of low light such as sunrise and sunset, backlighting takes on a different name; it’s called a silhouette. What a silhouette is is an outline of a dark subject on a lighter background. Simply put, it’s the effect of the sun backlighting towards you.

The last type of light we will talk about is “hard light”. This light is found generally in the mid-day when the sun is at its highest point and when it’s at its strongest. When a subject is hit with hard light, it tends to be overexposed and you wouldn’t be able to make out certain details that you would in other types of light.

On the Q500, the CGO2 camera has an auto white-balancer, which will automatically control the exposure, so you won’t have to worry if your videos and photos will be too bright or too dark.

Thanks you for joining us for another flight lesson from DRONE23. Please make sure to share your photos and videos with us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo. Also check us out online at www.DRONE23.com. Thank you.

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