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I was 13 when i first discovered the music genre "Trance". The first Trance song that I had heard was by DJ Tiesto - Adagio For Strings, ever since i heard of trance music, I knew right there and then that i wanted to become a DJ. So on my 16th birthday, i asked my parents for a mixer controller. It was difficult in the beginning, but i worked hard non stop, no matter what happened or happens, I'm not giving up my dream. after 2 years of djing, I thought to myself, "Why not become a music producer!" So i started with Hip Hop. It was easy, i knew people from my school who Rapped, and people wanted to start paying me. i stayed with hip hop for about a year. Then i moved to producing Trance. Producing trance can be very tricky, it takes allot of practice and patience to make a good track, unless you were born with the talent to learn right away. I've been producing for 2 years and it will be 4 years in April that I've been djing. Now of days, I'm getting allot more gigs then when i had started, I do Suppers, School Dances, Graduations, House party's, and it will be my first wedding in February, I am happy where i am now, and i will work even harder to reach my dream. Never Give Up!!!


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