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Coal - Pilot
(Broadcast 23rd January 1971)
Number 9 Gang discovers a seam of coal next to the new section of motorway. They decide to excavate the coal and sell it on the side, but because they are neglecting their work and nowhere to be found, Mr Hanson suspends the foreman Reg Ponsonby from his job. When No. 9 Gang hears this, they go on strike, and use the time off to continue their coal extraction. On the Sunday, they set up a coal shop in Hanson’s site office, but get caught by Mr Fairfax.
Starring: James Beck, Milo O’Shea, Richard Davies, Bill Pertwee, Richard Caldicot, Anthony Sagar, Peter Stephens, Amanda Murray
Guests: None

Notes: This pilot aired in a series of comedy pilots called Comedy Parade. This was the same Comedy parade series that Parsley Sidings debuted in.

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