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  • White Christmas (the Drifters Version) I thought it would be hilarious to go through my ipod and see what Christmas music I had in my mix. I came across the Drifters "White Christmas". Being the sort of person I am, i felt like i needed to record this for future reference. Okay it was just for fun, i laughed like hell afterwards, but seriously, i'm serious about singing.
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  • Storytime PG to PG-13 1 I just wrote down some random thoughts that came to me over the span of an hour. I decided to record them and see what my friends thought. I'm sorry for my wretched voice. I may go back to singing tomorrow.
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  • Message to Chris
    Message to Chris I know i'm not good at speaking when trying to be comforting, but i try, and I do love you, not just like a friend, but a really good best of best friends who are always there for each other. I knew you had a bad day and it happened to be your birthday, i was saddened by that stuff happening so My gift to you is this song Which I haven't sang in a while. I know a lot of songs that could cheer you up, if this recording doesn't do it... I'll be damned if i don't stop and find one that will. my iPod is filled with 4,275 songs. there's gotta be one I can record that will put a smile on your face. If not... I'll just make up a song about lollipops and baking in japan while racing on a Mario Kart track, it won't make sense, but I know it would make you smile. With love, William Clay Patton (aka the real Leslie Knope and captain of the friendship)
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  • Now that's what I call polka! (Demo) I recorded this for a friend. I'm not good at polkas
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  • You Won't Succeed On Broadway Just messing around Listening to spamalot and I thought i'd record this
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