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  • The War On Terror (Drum And Bass)
    The War On Terror (Drum And Bass) Pull out your cell phone, turn it on and take a look, either your one of them or their in your mind recruiting, beep, beep, boom! It's Terrorism with the Devil and demon's of war, debauchery is ready to take you down to the pit's of hell and it's door. Drum and Bass session's of fearful militant youngster's expression's and Isis clothed in evil. Be recruited at the beginning as a Combat Specialist then enter into training to find the mind vulnerable to the The Satan and His Devil, unless you learn to Operation De-Design swiftly, remember Satan is depriving all day and all night, you must De-Design before The Satan De-Design's you. Its Phenomenal warfare so don't let them get to you, you got this....... SPC P CombineME
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