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  • Ep 5 - Brew Lies Welcome to the audio page for Episode 5 - Brew Lies. Brian and Topher are nothing but honest in this episode of morning routines, Valentine's day, job interviews, and coffee. Enjoy the discussion and make sure you send feedback for the show.
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  • Ep 4 - A Brew Hope
    Ep 4 - A Brew Hope After a brief hiatus, Brian and Topher return with guns blazing, or something. In this episode the two talk about anniversaries, cell phones, and the freshness of beans. Executive producers for this episode are Katherine, Leigh, and Bob; thanks for contributing in the form of feedback!
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  • The Last Brewsade
    The Last Brewsade The third episode has arrived! Brian and Topher quote pop culture for a while, talk about the differences between pour over and French press, talk about deal breakers, and parties/social gatherings. There's some other stuff in there, but it's best to just listen.
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  • Pilot Episode Topher and Brian work together and typically have outlandish conversations. This is the podcast about those outlandish conversations.
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  • The Wrath of Coffee This week Brian and Topher get their stuff together to record a second podcast! Huzzah! In the podcast the two talk about driving, valentine's day, and coffee. Make sure to shoot us an email at with suggestions and comments.
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