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  • What skills are needed for HR jobs in Nottingham When you are looking for HR jobs Nottingham or HR jobs in any part of the world there are some essential skills which you need to possess and exhibit to potential employers. a) Organization: An HR personnel from an executive to a director, all need the basic skill of organization. HR deals with various persons and therefore the files need to be organized such that you don’t have to waste time and energy searching for the necessary file which could be required at any given time. In addition to files, an organizational skill extends to time management as a number of jobs and tasks will be allocated at the same time. You should know when and how to prioritize it and how you should manage your day and your tasks at hand. You need to be an efficient person as well. You cannot afford to be one who is unsure of what is the next step to be taken or need to be advised about how you should progress at any given time or for any given task. You should also be aware at all times that you are dealing with people and therefore you cannot push certain tasks like giving a compensation letter when you have the time on your hands or you cannot push delaying a letter for disciplinary action based on your availability. b) Every HR personnel must need to be able to multitask. There will be numerous issues which will crop up which are unforeseen and will cause a disruption to your work and you should be able to take it in your stride. Most of these unforeseen tasks will require your immediate attention like firing a person or granting an emergency leave request. Priorities keep changing even by the minute when you are in HR and you should be aware and ready to handle it. c) Dealing with grey areas: When in HR not everything is black and white. Sometimes some areas require you to use a lot of your own discretion. Cases which will fall under this category are: “reasonable accommodation”, discrimination or harassment. Sometimes as an HR personnel, you would need to act upon on the information that is available, even though it may not be complete. d) Negotiation: One of the major skills of HR personnel are negotiation skills. Sometimes you need to find a middle ground, you need to find what is acceptable to both parties, you need to play the mediator and negotiate for a solution which is agreeable to both parties. e) Communication: HR personnel deal with people and therefore, communication is needed across different levels. The way one communicates with the top management is different to the way you need to communicate with the employees. Also, you need to be good at not only verbal communication but written communication as well. f) Conflict management and problem solving: When there are conflicts and problems, it is but natural to take it to the HR. Therefore, the HR is needed to solve conflicts and arrive at amicable solutions. Discover more at
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