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  • Podcast - to be fair THE ENGLISH WE SPEAK – PODCAST TO BE FAIR Neil: Welcome to THE ENGLISH WE SPEAK, I’m Niel Feifei: And I’m Feifei. N: You know what Feifei, I just love living here in London. I mean, the culture, the parks, the restaurants, it’s got everything. F: Yeah, it’s not bad. Though, to be fair, it’s not the cheapest place to live. N: Hmm, you’re right! Though, most world capital cities are quite pricy to live in, to be fair. F: Actually, to be fair, I think there are a lot of reasons to move out of the bug city. You know, more space, better air, fewer people and nature! N: Feifei, I think we’ve given good arguments on both sides, to be fair. And I hope we demonstrated today’s phrase, which is: TO BE FAIR. F: It’s a phrase you will hear a lot specially in British English. It’s used when you want to explain more than one side of an issue. N: Let’s listen to these examples: - We played well in the first half, but to be fair, we were awful in the second half. - Now, look, we know that wasn’t your best exam result, but to be fair, you had very little time to prepare. N: So, it’s a phrase that we use to give balance in a discussion, and it comes just before or after making a point or giving an opinion. F: But these days, especially in spoken English, people just use it when giving an opinion. Whether or not it’s really about fairness. N: Yes, for example: To be fair, The Beatles were the best band of all times. F: I think Italian food is the finest there is, to be fair. N: So, be careful when listening out for this phrase, sometimes it’s just a filler phrase. Something people say a lot with no real meaning. It might not always mean what you expect it to. F: To be fair, that’s why we make these programs, to help people understand real English. N: And they are some of the best English learning material available, to be fair. F: Though, to be fair, other programs are available. N: Bye for now. F: Bye! Glossary though despite the fact that; although. pricy Very expensive issue an important topic or problem for debate or discussion awful Terrible, very bad whether if
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