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  • Talk4 Dec032014 US Dist Court Moakley incl CRNews ON MONDAY I RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM MOAKLEY COURT. I am assuming I am now part of the Media the Court is welcoming. I have not gone in to get a Media Badge because I will not cover this case. I am the officiator of getting access to the court. I am very excited and pleased this has taken place. We are a slow moving object helping Media to access Courts and public events in Massachusetts.
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  • Talk3 Beacon Hill Watch WEDNESDAY DEC 3 2014 Audio Report by CatchoftheDayVideoNews on Statehouse News Daily Advance. This is released on 4th floor in the office to public upon request. I am posting for your information to review what is going on and how to get involved in our efforts. This week is a huge week of events including on Dec 4 the Marathon Bombing Trial at Moakley Court house. Watch local TV and see how they cover this. We recruit Press please join us.
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  • Talk2 Interview with Westbow Publishing12022014 December 2 2014 I just got off the phone with Westbow Publishing. Yes they want to help me write my book's.. yes there is a stream a river of books I plan to write with their expert direction. Yes I am so excited I am getting some good feedback that my efforts will pay off and generate some funding to build the new Media Network in Massachusetts and beyond. Help. email me comflm@yahoo.com thanks!
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  • Show 1 Introduction to CRNewsGroup 12012014
    Show 1 Introduction to CRNewsGroup 12012014 This show discusses Membership in CRNEWSGROUP, becoming a member of the CRNewsTeam, and being a contributor to the CRNEWSTEAM AUDIO ARCHIVE. The show will consist of links on a prn basis to announce upcoming STHS meetings and things going on around the State for you to cover. Members will be invited to chat up their experiences and send any audio footage to be uploaded to the site. Thanks to free yourlisten.com we can now keep a record of our activities for 2015. We hope to gain 350 members this year. Please join us. JAldrich, Founder President
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