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CHECK ME OUT SHARE AND LEAVE COMMENTS ALBUM DROPCOMING LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT A COPY https://m.soundcloud.com/boy-mI be just worring bout my business
Don't really care what all of y'all niggas be doing
I don't give Fuck cause nigga I'm coolin

I be in another whole domain
Im all about gwap and it comes with the fame
its two different words but they both mean the same.

I be just chilling the fam
We crusing we crusing we drive round the block
If you dare fuck with us we all pulling out glots
I be just looking on the News
I see that my g just got fucking shot
Who is the murder !?
A crooked ass cop

Bo! Bo! Hello Who tf is at my door
Aye my homie homie killed a hoe she fucked two niggas on the low it happens way to often so you shouldn't be suprisied though I got something to ease yo mine pour lean (grab the dough)
She punked ya ass and now you know these street girls is cold like snow half these girls strippers Man giving head is all they know
This girl ask ME to buy her shoes and I told her hell no
She started getting ratchet and wanted to swing and I think her weave Just hit the floor can't fool ME babe I'm a pro been through that times and times before all they want is all ya doe they may wear proda but they broke these fools is clowns they made for jokes these bitches dirty and need some soap you fail at life I give you hope hears ah rope I'll watch you chock

They robing mfs like repos
Fuck wrong with logic people
I Pray for my pops he in kemo
Bills be pilling we need a casino
I'm feeling I'm feeling my ego
rappers erc ME like bunch of mosquitoes
One by you go down like them eagles

When Times get to hard we runing for help and when we should be focus on helping on self can't depend somebody they think for themselves we should all work together like a bunch of Lil elves stand side by side like formation of cells they talk about peace but we living in hell I respect all the comics we all need a laff that's good one thanks alot Dave chapel

Bank opperating like running computers but I work for myself I'm not labeled by Delll attempt to destroy ME you niggas gone faaail my pockets is like a boluka whaleee im setting the lead you should follow my trailll my watch is so fat can't measure on scale arc-2

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