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  • 2016 set part2
    2016 set part2 file for learning songs in progress
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  • 2016 set part 1
    2016 set part 1 file for learning songs in progress
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  • Baja Countrymen
    Baja Countrymen Lyrics- Baha Countrymen This is your hour This is your moment in the sun The sweet and sour Mingle mangle on the tongue Though the heart is hungry from time to time again This is Baja Country And we are Baja Country men This is the measure This is your ticket to the show And for your pleasure every loser's lieing low parlor-maids in waiting Ensenada never fails reckless roller skating as the moon forever pales (Bridge) Over the hill and oh so far away The seven necromancers nod Mexicali magic takes the breath away The frozen heart forever flawed We live forever That's what we tell ourselves inside In this endeavor Beside Prometheus we're tied Containers. remainders, campaigners, gourds copyright Ben New 2015
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