Rapper, Layce BTwist grew up in a more notorious neighborhoods, one that was known for drugs, gunplay and other criminal related activity. living that street life was another challenge for every youngsoul in their state as people die everyday in the hood. been tired of living that streetLife. the young rapper decided living his life in a more better and positive direction when he immersed himself in hustling, schooling and sporting. It looked like it could be his ticket into been successfull in life.
And still, it looks like things were still on a slow mode for him which he never expected, He turned to rapping and eventually hooked up with his friends more intrested in same field as himself. They recorded few songs together coming up as a young ass mademen artist. He later then made his first ever serious music appearance on Slow Pee's 2012 peace and unity song, ONE LOVE', which became his first ever video appearance in 2013, shot an directed by Nija Ninjas big boss 'Baba Dee'. His big breakthrough began when he joined Shalone-P's musical movement after he was introduced to Shalone P by Treasure Jay in the late 2011. Shalone P sees Layce as his younger son and litle brother and would never let anything go wrong with him as he always took him alongside musically.
Layce BTwist who said to have been holding it down for his hood is set to bring his city name to lamlight and as much as other fresh talent to the mainstream.
He also gets support from thousands of fans who have been following him since he was a teenager doing music

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