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Finally! A place I can put the crazy things said when watching movies. My boyfriend (named Derek) and I love to watch movies. And sometimes we can't help what flies out of our mouths--especially, if it's something really dumb and/or bad.

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  • Leprechaun Origins Fan Commentary
    Leprechaun Origins Fan Commentary My BF and I watch Leprechaun Origins (my first/his second time). Lots of adult language/humor from us--- and a little bit of me stuffing my face at the beginning and a "physic moment" at the end. I enjoyed this movie (something I wouldn't mind watching again). Def don't compare it to the original movies. I didn't find it scary, but it was certainly creepy and unnerving (which it sounds like they were going for).
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  • Antichrist Fan Commentary
    Antichrist Fan Commentary *The commentary contains some adult language and topics.* Quality wise--I'm sure the volume levels are a little erratic since I was closer to the computer than he was and it's the computer microphone. Hopefully, this is still enjoyable My boyfriend and I watch the movie "Antichrist". If you have the movie playing as you listen, we do start with the previews. The movie is very bizarre and I really don't understand how the tragedy resulted in what happened. All apologies if we said or reacted in a way that can be seen as offensive when it comes to that. I understand that grief affects everyone differently, but I just can't figure out how it went this wrong....Over all it's not a bad movie but it certainly isn't something I want to watch everyday
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