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  • Identify & Promote Talent
    Identify & Promote Talent Many individuals have talent that can be leveraged into profitable business or occupation. If you have natural interest on some activity then by focusing on the interest you can achieve things easily which others spend time and energy to attain. Talents can be creative, artistic or it can be in sports, quiz, designing, photography etc. Learning to identify and promoting the talent is Key to success. By doing this the person can follow the passion. The people & society who are connected with him can also be benefited. Very often your horoscope can be reflection of your talents and skills. There are many positives and negatives in each horoscope. We have to harness the positive energy bestowed to us and safeguard from the negative energy thrown to us.
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  • matchmaking
    matchmaking Matching Moroscope before marriage is an integral part of a Indian marriage. Normally the compatibility is checked even before the boy and the girl get to meet each other. The horoscope of the boy and the girl are matched on the following 8 counts adding to a total of 36 points.
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  • love marriage
    love marriage http://www.astrotulsi.in/marriagepredictionastrology.php In astrology Marriage prediction is very complicated. The probable date of marriage depends on ascendant and its lord, 7th house and its lord, and karakas of marriage. Predicting marriage also depends on dasa system in Vedic astrology. Indian astrology is very rich and can find out probable date of marriage.
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  • nabakalebar 2015
    nabakalebar 2015 Nabakalebar is the festival of periodical transformation of the wooden idols of Lord, Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan. It will happen in Puri; the temple city of Odisha in 2015 after a gap of 19 years.
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